Top 5 Must Have Solar Backpacks Of 2024

Solar Backpacks
Solar Backpacks
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Backpacks are definitely a must-have for people with active lifestyles. From students to executives to adventure-seekers, a reliable backpack will surely keep your stuff safe, secure and protected no matter where you are or what you do. But what if aside from keeping your things safe and sound, there will be a rucksack that enables your tech gadget addiction?

Well, that’s what backpack makers have been developing in recent years, especially in an era where consumers are so attached to their smartphones, tablet, laptops and other electronic devices. So, what if there’s a reliable, trendy, Eco-friendly knapsack that has added tech features, which will enable you to charge your gadgets with a solar phone charger and stay connected wherever you go and whatever you do?

Solar Backpacks System – Developed by The U.S. Army

Solar Backpacks System
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Thanks to the solar backpack system developed by the United States Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, its Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS) paved the way to the development of the latest life-saving and environment-friendly innovation called the solar powered-backpacks.

Aside from keeping your phone and other wearable electronic devices fully charged, solar backpacks are also of great importance in helping students and individuals in rural areas where access to electricity are unavailable.

What Is A Solar Backpack?

A solar backpack is a cloth sack carried on one’s back that is equipped with thin film solar cells and batteries. With the right technology, the solar panels can convert sunlight into energy and store it in the batteries. Hence, these devices can be a great source of electricity to power portable electronic gadgets and handheld devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, laptops and tablets in a safe and secure manner.

The solar backpack’s original design is known as the REPPS (Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System). It was initially intended for the use of the United States Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center.

Solar Backpack Features

Generally, solar backpacks has a flexible monocrystalline solar panel, charge controller, light bulbs, cords, plugs and batteries. It usually offers power up to 120 watt-hours/day, making it capable of charging electronic equipment rated up to 300 watts.

Most if not all of these devices are made from durable fabric that ensures the solar panel and its accessories are in good shape and protected against rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions.

The Importance and Advantages of Solar Backpacks

Aside from outdoor activities, solar backpacks are also useful and important in international aid, disaster relief, emergency power and field research. As a matter of fact, these innovative devices can also improve the health and education sectors of the world, particularly in areas without electricity or where power from the utility grid is unavailable.

As for its advantages, solar backpacks are light-weight, portable and waterproof. It carries a green energy source for the environment. It can also power laptops for up to three hours and if it is exposed for about six hours, it can power an emergency light for 14 hours.

Factors To Consider When Choosing And Buying Solar Backpacks

Factors To Consider When Choosing And Buying Solar Backpacks
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Considering its potential uses, people can be very excited in purchasing one. But take note, there are factors to consider since buying them are not that easy. In fact, there is a wide-range of solar backpacks available in the market. But to sum it up, here are some important things to consider:

1. Weight, Size, Volume and Durability

Whether you’re going to use it on your next outdoor adventure or perhaps on relief operations, you should always choose a solar backpack that is lightweight and durable. The reason? A backpack’s weight is an important factor as the distance of the hikes increases.

Size and volume, on the other hand, can be directly related to its use. For example, a heavier bag would mean you will carry less gear, food and water, as well as other important necessities. So, if you are planning to hike longer, then a light-weight one is more preferable.

As for durability, you should choose a solar backpack that is made of high-quality materials that can withstand rugged terrain and extreme weather conditions. It should also be waterproof, as well as dust and shock resistant.

2. Solar Power Capacity and Battery Power

Solar power capacity and battery power should be among the factors you should consider before purchasing a solar backpack. The ideal capacity, however, depends on your attachment to your electronic gadgets. But it is highly recommended to choose the ones that allow you to charge your mobile phones, cameras or laptops.

Moreover, you must also consider the ability of these devices to store excess power, which can be used in cases of emergency.

3. Sockets, Pockets and Detachable Solar Sockets

Since you’ll be carrying a lot of things in your backpack, it is ideal to use those that have several pockets for drinking water bottle and first aid kits. Sockets, on the other hand, can be utilized when storing smartphones and cameras while they are being charged.

As for a detachable solar socket, it’s highly recommended to find a solar backpack with detachable solar sockets and expandable cables. The reason? It gives you an opportunity to place the solar socket outside your tent or vehicle while ensuring the safety of the stuffs in your bag.

4. Charging Time Requirements

Before buying a solar backpack, you should consider the length of charging of the product, which refers to the length of exposure to the sun to achieve a full charge state. Remember, longer charging times mean more patience and waiting time are needed before the product becomes fully functional.

5. Budget

The last but equally important factor to consider in buying these devices is the budget. It is best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages when buying cheap solar phone chargers than an expensive one and vice-versa. But remember, an expensive product usually correlates with better quality and durability. So, it’s better to choose the best solar backpack that can be considered an investment and suits your needs. After all, money well spent in a product that will last for years is worth it.

Why Is There A Need To Buy A Solar Backpack?

Why Is There A Need To Buy A Solar Backpack
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Admit it, bags that just hold stuff are becoming rather boring. And as the world moves faster than ever, manufacturers are trying to accommodate the trend, wherein people can take their technology on the go through a smart and solar-powered backpack.

Everyone from students, business professionals, engineers and wanderers use backpacks as part of their daily routines. There are, in fact, vital in keeping things organized and accessible. Solar panels have gotten better each year in which they are now incorporated to bags.

With the seamless fusion between form and function, solar backpacks have made itself beneficial in making the lives of humans more efficient and organized as more jobs require people to be outside of their workplaces with devices that require power.

Even though you are staying connected off the grid, these solar-powered bags also allows you to enjoy and preserve Mother Nature. Despite the fact battery packs are must-haves as well, providing you the opportunity to power them up and other electronic gadgets will make you worry less.

As we immersed ourselves in nature’s grandeur, it’s already a given fact that it will be harder for us to ditch our affinity to our electronic devices. That’s why this article will provide the important information you need in choosing and buying a solar backpack that suits your needs. So, below are 10 of the must-have solar-powered backpacks right now:

Comparison of the Best Solar Backpacks

5 Best Solar Backpacks

#1 Travel Solar Backpack with Solar Panel and LED Indicator Lights for Phone Charging

Deemed as one of the best selling solar backpack in the market, the Travel Solar Backpack with Solar Panel captures more sunlight than conventional solar kits. Hence, it can generate more electricity per panel.

This Travel Solar Backpack quality bag is ultra-light and ultra-durable, making it perfect for daily use. When it comes to its solar panel and battery, the product is powerful enough to charge a normal phone back full, noting the dual outputs on the battery pack for powering up a tablet or a mobile phone.

This bag also makes you enjoy 22% conversion efficiency rate power as you embark to the world of the great outdoors. Through its highly efficient solar cells, your will definitely experience a worry and stress-free adventure. For more details, please continue reading below.


This 42 liter, 1.8 pounds and 21-inch backpack is made of high quality PVC nylon and highly rip-resistant fabrics and weights to provide superb durability. Its lightweight yet high capacity, providing toughen and long-lasting performance with minimal weight. For increased longevity, the Travel Solar Backpack with Solar Panel and LED manufacturer strengthen the product’s stress points with bar tacking system.

This stylish and packable go-anywhere cotton denim backpack is also designed for comfortable use. It is also designed to store energy for nighttime usage as the absorbed solar energy is automatically converted and is safely stored for later use.

  • Top-of-the-line solar functionality
  • Powerful, flexible and removable solar panels
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Ultra-light, Ultra-durable design
  • Large space with multiple compartments
  • Perfect for multi-use
  • None stated


ECEEN 7Watts Solar Powered Backpack charger

Ideal for chic, trendy and super-minimalist individuals-on-the-go, this solar-powered backpack boasts some impressive and tech-wise features.

7-Watts High Efficiency Solar Panels – These removable, waterproof, flexible and powerful solar panels are protected with anti-scratch hardened coating and are generating more electricity than other conventional panels. Its removable and compact size solar panel charger design is perfect for portability.

2000mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack – This large-capacity water-resistant emergency power bank or backup battery absorbs solar energy, which could charge various devices ranging from smartphones, GPS systems, Bluetooth speakers, eReaders, GoPro cameras, tablets, among many others, via its 5V USB port. With that said, you won’t be stressed if you run out of battery in the middle of the wilderness.

Voltage Stability Controller and Micro USB Cable – This feature provides the protection needed by your devices under the sun. It also includes a micro USB cable for your phone if it needs one.

Comfortable and Adjustable Mesh Straps and Multiple Compartments – If you are looking for a backpack with tons of pockets and compartments for all the stuff you need, then this ECEEN bag is perfect for you. It features comfortable and adjustable mesh straps, which will hardly make you notice you are carrying your things on your back.

The roomy compartments, on the other hand, can fit a 17-inch laptop in the main pocket while the rest of the pockets are intended for storage and organization for other accessories including pad, books, keys and other important things you need to carry.

Power Watts: Sunpower 7 Watts
Solar Cell Efficiency: 22 Percent
Excellent for:

  • Backpacking
  • Fishing
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Traveling
  • Other Outdoor Activities

#2 Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack for Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Camera Charging

A major seller of portable solar powered products, the Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack manufacturer is recognized as the top provider of chic and innovative backpacks. In addition to the company’s Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack is considered one of the most efficient solar-powered backpacks with an impressive function that can reduce inertia momentum of backpack shaking.

Functioning with TCS Bearing System, this bag can reduce the bear pressure and impact. It is also a top-rated pack that offers a wide-range of technical features to make it endure the years of daily use.


This 42-liter, 25.6 inches and 4.4-pound bag is made with Ripstop Nylon Fabric to avoid rainwater infiltration. The material contains 55 percent nylon and 45 percent 600D polyester. It has a 3D Breathable fabric cover straps designed for maximum air circulation and comfort-ability.

In addition, this hiking must-have also boasts an impressive frame, which is made from strong Tisco manganese steel. Despite its steel frame, this bag is not only durable but super comfortable as well. Thanks to its TCS (Turbine Control System) bearing system, which is designed to allow airflow between your back and the backpack.

For long-distance trudge or trek, the bag’s TCS bearing system can also reduce the inertia momentum when the backpack is shaking. It also uses a thick sponge and EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam material to reduce the bear pressure and impact.

  • Spacious with various compartments
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent high-powered solar panels
  • Heavier compared to others.


If you’re for high-quality, excellently designed and durable multi-day backpack, then the Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack is a good choice for you! Even though the product is designed for backpackers and individuals who prefer to travel fast and light, it also offers a wide-range of impressive technical features including:

Flexible, Ultra-light and Integrated 10-Watts Removable Solar Panel – With the highest efficiency of 22 percent, its 10-watt solar cells in three fold-able and removable panel design produce more power than any other solar panels. So, you don’t have to worry if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery cellphone.

Waterproof Battery Pack with Dual USB Output Ports – In addition to its solar panels, this ultralight multi day pack has a waterproof high capacity battery pack with dual USB output ports that can power up 5V devices such as mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras just as fast as any wall port. If you have an iPhone 6, it can fully charge the device in about 3-4 hours.

Speaking of its battery, it utilizes a 4-LED Light system to indicate how much battery life the portable battery pack has left.

4 LED Lights – 75 percent or more (Batt life)
3 LED Lights – 50-75 percent
2 LED Lights – 25-50 percent
1 LED Light – 10-25 percent

Re-curved and Adjustable Shoulder Straps with Hip Belt Feature – Aside from its impressive solar panels and battery pack, this Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack comes with recurved shoulder straps and hip belt design with perforated EVA foam, which aims to provide comfort and increased ventilation.

The adjustable straps option, on the other hands, allows you to adjust the fit as you carry the bag on your back. Moreover, it is equipped with side compression straps with one adjustment to tighten down and secure the entire load.

2-Liter Water Bladder System – Compared to other solar powered-backpacks, this Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack product comes with a 2-liter bladder bag, which is about the capacity of a large soda bottle. It also has a hydration sleeve, a convenient accessory on the top to slide the bladder tube through. This additional feature’s drinking tube port allows you to have an easy access to water without having to take the bladder bag out of the knapsack.

Storage Pockets – The bag also comes with spacious various compartments ideal for storage and security purposes. With its 42-liter total cargo capacity, there’s a good amount of pockets to store important items and supplies whenever you plan to travel.

The main pocket contains the bag’s bladder system while the smaller second pocket is perfect for other supplies and snacks. The pocket behind the solar panel is also an ideal storage compartment for the battery as it provides a slit to slide cables through. In addition, the backpack is also equipped with two small pockets on each waist strap that are perfect to hold water bottles.

Water-Resistant Rain-fly or Backpack Cover – This custom-made rainfly or backpack cover as others call it is designed to fit the backpack and wraps it perfectly. But its convenient design still allows you to carry your bag on your back comfortably. The backpack also has a bottom pocket intended for the rain cover storage.

Power Watts: Sunpower 10 Watts
Solar Cell Efficiency: 22 percent
Excellent For:

  • Overnight and long-distance hikes and trudges
  • Skiing
  • Climbing
  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • Backpacking
Overall, the Green Denim Solar Travel Backpack is considered one of the best solar backpacks available. With its top-of-the-line suspension system, solar charging and other impressive tech features that allows you to charge any 5V device as fast as any 2A wall charger. Taking its features in consideration, we think this purchase is worth the price.

#3 New Sport Solar Cycling Backpack with Solar Phone Charger

With the unending price hikes for basic commodities, some consumers prefer to opt for less expensive but efficiently priced products to be more practical. Even though it’s always best to invest on high-quality bags, a decent and average choice is not bad at all. That’s why we are giving you a comprehensive list to help you choose for a product that suits your needs whether you’re in a budget or not.

One of the decent and average backpack is the New Sport Solar Cycling Backpack with Solar Phone Charger. It is a trendy and heavy-product that can charge several cellphones and other portable devices quickly.



Have you ever experienced losing the battery life of your phone and there are no power outlet or charging cables available? Don’t fret now because bag manufacturers have come up with a cool, trendy and hi-tech designed backpack perfect for individuals with active lifestyles. Thanks to New Sport Solar Cycling Backpack products, its 27-liter, 3-pound and 17-inch durable waterproof backpack offers a powerful, detachable solar panel that will charge your handheld electronic chargeable devices from the sun.

Made with durable and water-resistant nylon fabrics, it is available in several attractive colors, making it a chic and trendy choice for middle and high schoolers. Boasting the tagline, “Stay Charged my Friends,” the product allows you to take your power with you, ensuring you won’t experience a situation when you are powerless.

  • Ideal for multi-use
  • Water bladder space
  • Waterproof and Removable panels
  • Powerful battery
  • Non exciting design


Can you imagine how much how much a dead cellphone can cramp your style? But worry no more because the right gear like the New Sport Solar Cycling Backpack can make the low-battery notification on your phone a non-issue. I know. I know. You might be thinking why you should ever purchase such type of a rucksack so listed below are the product’s pretty decent features:

5-Watts Removable Solar Panels – The product is equipped with a 5-watt solar cell, which can produce some good amount of sunpower energy in a short time. Additionally, the solar phone charger panels can charge the battery with the indoor lights.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack – It’s a given fact that most smartphones, even the best ones, only have a small battery capacity so having a large battery capacity is powerful for you to charge your portable electronic devices completely, be it your smartphone, tablet, laptop, rechargeable lamp or cameras. This also allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously without any hassle.

Padded Back and Straps, as well as Sternum Straps – For comfort of the back and shoulders, the bag comprises padded straps and back. The sternum straps, on the other hand, offers the grip of the bag around the waist, which is an ideal feature for those long trips or hikes.

Multiple Compartments Interior and Integrated Adapters – The backpack is loaded with pockets and slots for everything you need to carry including pens and books. It also comes with integrated adapters for almost all commonly mobile devices.

Power Watts: 5 Watts Sunpower
Solar Cell Efficiency: Average
Excellent For:

  • Lifestyle activities and travels
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Camping
  • Going to music festivals

This packable go-anywhere pack is recommendable to those who needs a day-to-day carry all for hiking, traveling and outdoor activities. If you’re a gadget geek who is shooting for the average and can handle the bag with care, then the New Sport Solar Cycling Backpack with Solar Phone Charger product is perfect for you!

#4 Tigernu Waterproof Anti-theft Solar Backpack

As we take a look to various types of solar-powered backpacks, the Tigernu Waterproof Anti-theft Solar Backpack product has made our list. Even though the company only provided a short description regarding the bag, it stated the Tigernu Solar Backpack is a decent option that charges smartphones and other mobile electronic devices, has good carrying size and is good for short hikes and in school.


This 40-liter, 15-inch and 4-pound knapsack is made of high-quality, durable, waterproof, rugged and rip-resistant nylon and polyester fabric that is ideal for any outdoor and travel geeks out there. The bag’s design also comes with stressed points that are reinforced with bar tacking for better durability, as well as fairly comfortable padded shoulder straps.

Furthermore, its ultra-light and ultra-durable characteristics make it an ideal everyday carry-all bag for people of all ages. Whether in school, hiking or travelling, this product is a functional and essential.

  • Powerful battery
  • Charges multiple devices simultaneously
  • Removable solar panels can power electronic devices in low light conditions
  • Waterproof and large volume, with various USB cables
  • Can withstand fair amount of abuse
  • None stated


Considered a perfect choice for any travel enthusiast or adventure-seeker, this solar backpack won’t make you worry to keep the power of your electronic devices or to stress you out to look for power outlets. Even though the product has some quality and durability issues, it still boasts some impressive features.

7-Watt Solar Panel – This stylish, flexible and lightweight bag is equipped with a 7-watt solar panel that generates power well directly from the sun. It can also do a fraction of its normal output in low light conditions.

Unfortunately, the solar panel does not charge as efficiently as other similarly rated panels. It is also quite under-powered and you shouldn’t expect that it can competently power up a portable laptop.

Moreover, the bag’s solar panel is not as rugged and non-scratch resistant so mishandling or strongly brushing against a rough surface can lead to damage and decrease in energy production.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack – This backpack comes with a powerful and water-resistant battery pack that can recharge a smartphone thrice, a tablet twice and a mid-range laptop once. It also charges GPS units, E-readers, Bluetooth speakers and cameras and can power up multiple devices simultaneously.

Multiple Compartments – Aside from its powerful battery, another notable feature of this backpack is its capacity to hold everything you need and keeps things safe without sacrificing comfortability. Thanks to its multiple compartments and pockets that allow you to store documents, maps and other essential gears.

Power Watts: 7 Watts Sunpower
Solar Cell Efficiency: Unstated
Excellent For:

  • Traveling
  • Sports
  • Hiking
  • School
  • Emergency Power Outages

Taking into consideration all the information above, the Tigernu Waterproof Anti-theft Solar Backpack is a decent choice for everyone who loves to stay connected while outdoors. It may be quite simple in design but the bag won’t let you down most of the time.

#5 35L IP67 Solar Backpack for Men and Women

The 35L IP67 Solar Backpack is made for Men and Women, made to carry for comfort and one of the better looking solar backpacks in the market. It is also lightweight, spacious and a total lifesaver for those who are always on-the-go and outdoors.

With this high-quality backpack, you don’t have to worry if your electronic devices run off power. The reason? Well, this 35L IP67 Solar Backpack for Men and Women, can charge a variety of devices all day and night.


This blue-chip 35-liter, 19-inch and 1.06 pound backpack is made of wrinkle-free, cotton polyester denim fabric. Its high-quality fabric has a good texture and can’t afford to hair.

Since this bag is mainly designed for comfort, it is equipped with a thicker, wider and adjustable shoulder straps that are designed for decomposition of the force. It boasts an exceptional, ergonomic and multifunctional design with a unique LED light design suitable for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities at night.

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Flexible
  • Water-resistant
  • Flat-out comfortable
  • Won’t be charging devices if the sun is not strong enough or have heavy cloudy day


With advanced solar powered technology, the backpack captures more sunlight and generates more electricity compared to other conventional panels. So, if you are fond of outdoor activities even at night, then this is perfectly meant for you. For more impressive key features, continue reading below.

3.5-Watt Removable and Foldable Solar Panel – One of the key features of this rucksack its 3.5 watts solar panel, which absorbs solar energy up to 22 percent efficiency. In addition, its solar charging technology powers up a variety of devices with free solar power.

Speaking of its impressive and compact size solar panel charger designed for portable usage, its solar cells are protected in a scratch-resistant hardened coating, which are sewn into high-wear PVC fabric. The purpose for this kind of protection is for weather-resistant outdoor durability.

Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack – In addition to its solar panel, the backpack is also equipped with a built-in mAh slim and waterproof lithium-polymer battery back, which can power up several 5V USB-charged electronic devices such as iOS and Android smartphones, external battery packs, GPS systems, MP3 Players and Bluetooth speakers.

Unique LED Light Design – Another notable feature of this ECEEN bag is its 1-watt LED light power from chargeable battery. With its 10 pieces LED chips and sensitive touch 3 light modes — High-brightness, low-brightness and SOS/Emergency Flashing, any outdoor and nighttime activities will definitely be worry- and stress-free.

Spacious and Multiple Storage Compartments – This bag may not be close to perfection but it also boasts some great qualities just like having a lot of storage compartments. As a matter of fact, it can hold two full water bottles or an umbrella on each side while the top pocket can store small things like keys, earphones and pens.

Power Watts: 3.25 Watts/6V Sunpower Cells
Solar Cell Efficiency: 22 percent
Perfect For:

  • Hiking
  • Camp-outs
  • Riding outdoor sports
  • Emergency power outages
This product has several good points, but if you are looking for a lightweight pack, then this ideal for you. And with its added solar feature, it is perfect to carry things on the go, not to mention the convenience it offers to ensure all your electronic devices will not run out of power, all day and night.


Even though solar backpacks are often a target of criticisms for lack of efficiency, choosing the right kind of the product that suit your needs can really help. There are several models available, all you have to do is choose wisely. Remember, these solar-powered backpacks are not only for campers or hikers, these can also be useful to students and businessmen who can now have the convenience to charge their devices even far away from home.

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