Best 5 Portable Solar Power Inverter Generator Kit For Emergencies

Finding the best solar powered generator for your needs, whether for home or business use can be challenging. Of course, you only want the solar kit that gives you the bang for the buck.

With many solar companies claiming they have the leading brand, it can be confusing at times. That’s why we’ve made the effort to bring you this solar generator review. We look at the best products in the market, which you can easily compare on tables while informing you of the most important queries in the buying guide.

We’ll help you in every step on your search. You’ll learn of different sizes, features, and models from the solar generator brands.

Below is a comprehensive review of the top rated solar models in the market. Every information is given to help you decide which product to get.

Following is the 5 best solar-powered generators for back-ups, emergencies, and standby power for household and commercial need.

Best Solar-Powered Generators For Home And Commercial Use

Who would not be frustrated when out of nowhere, you lost electricity? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But if you’re not yet ready to give up your primary source of power with solar, why not use this as a backup power instead.

There’s really no absolute reason as to why you should not use solar power, especially in staying outdoors, off the grid or during emergencies.

Due to the technological advancements, there’s a lot of available solar energy to harness. Solar is free energy that you can get anywhere with the sun that’s up.

There are times local utility companies fail but solar energy generation (via solar generators) could help you prepare for the worst circumstances — be it a bad storm, power outages, in cases of emergencies or during outdoor activities.

However, choosing or buying a good solar generator is never a walk in the park. That’s why we are here to help you decide on choosing the best solar-powered generators available in the market.

There’s a wide range of solar generators in the market and when choosing what’s best for you, it’s important that you should first determine what your energy needs.

Without waiting any further, here are the best solar generators in the market today. Check it out and see for yourself.

Portable Solar Power Generator For Home

One of the popular products right now is mobile solar power generators, which ranges from the mid-range solar generator and small appliance solar generator. These portable solar kits are commonly used in residential and house backup power use.

It’s often designed to easily recharge smartphones, tablets, and other devices with 12-volt, USB and AC ports. This solar recharger can help power small to medium sized appliances thanwhole home solar power generator.

These are also used to power high-current medical devices like CPAP as well as oxygen generators. It can also have input options for attaching additional solar panels or even batteries. If you’re going camping, portable solar generators are likewise recommended.

1. Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator – Solar Home Generators For Power Outages

Known as the new line of the solar generator from a leading power company, the Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Mobile Solar Generator is a great option for those who are searching for a type of generator that doesn’t need too much power for their electronic devices.

The Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Small Solar Generator Power Storage offers the option of adding solar panels that can fully charge the device with 10 hours of sunlight (initial charging time for this device took less than 4 hours to get a full charge while charges from a full discharge are estimated between 8 to 10 hours).

It also brags its triple output mode — a 12V car socket, a 110V AC outlet (for devices up to 120V) and 4 fast charging USB ports.

Its compact and durable body sheathes a 434Wh of power, which is enough to power a laptop up to 15 times or can charge a mobile phone up to 40 times.

With its four USB ports powered by fast-charging Power technology, it ensures that phones, tablets, and cameras stay charged throughout the day.

📌  The Battery Management System features the following:

  • Ensures complete protection by conducting active cell balancing and controlling voltages
  • Temperatures and advanced safety operations to prevent shorts
  • Optimize battery performance to extend battery life.
  • Comes with a portable power supply
  • 10-foot AC adapter

It can also illuminate a 15V lamp for more than 100 hours. Crafted using only the highest-grade materials, the Inverter House Outdoor Portable Small Solar Generator is sturdy and its drop-tested aluminum shell is built to withstand the rigor of outdoor activities.

Aside from that, what really got the attention of its consumers are its multiple charging and discharging methods.

The Inverter Residential Outdoor Portable Mobile Solar Generator Power Storage is a remarkably compact and portable off-grid power supply for camping and emergency purposes. It’s also the smallest and lightest 400Wh power supply in the market. Its high-density lithium-ion battery allows for a more compact build compared to the lead-acid power packs.

However, you should note that the Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Solar Power Storage is a good power generator like a very large battery. Even though the company has created a good product, it can still improve its pricing and expansion options.

Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator has a similar setup to the Goal Zero charging systems. The Anker PowerHouse and Goal Zero Yeti 400, both very popular models and come from two leading companies.

They also have so many similarities — from almost the same power output, portable design and nearly the same prices.

Specifications and size-wise, the Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator is quite remarkable and the market leader for portability.

With it comes to storage, the Inverter Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator Power Storage has a clear edge compared to its Goal Zero rival thanks to its 120Ah lithium-ion battery. It’s also a rather cheaper choice for camping enthusiasts.

  • Remarkably compact and portable
  • Durable
  • Multi-Device Charging
  • Worry-free and extended warranty
  • 8-month warranty
  • Indicator is too simple

2. Portable Solar Generator Power Supply – Energy Storage Home Outdoor Power Generation With Adapter Cigarette 150Wh 100W

If you’re one mobile outdoor junkie, then the Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage  is perfect for you!

With the powerful combination of a solar and generator in just one single durable and waterproof briefcase, running out of power in your portable electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets will definitely be the least of your worries or concerns.

Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage can produce 175Wh of energy and can connect with mono-crystalline solar panels, which can hold a maximum of 70-Watts input. This generator model also comes with a 150-Watt inverter, one built-in 10A charge controller and one 16Ah lithium battery.

It can also be charged through an AC power adapter. Moreover, the device is equipped with a forthright LCD, which displays the battery capacity details, not to mention the AC and DC output buttons that allow easy switching between the two output modes.

The Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage’s ideal for camping or to be used as an emergency back power. It’s also compatible in recharging portable electronic devices under 150 Watts.

📌  With a dimension of 10.63 x 7.87 x 4.33 inches and a weight of 4.19 pounds, this solar generator is one of the smallest and most compact solar generation units in the market.

It’s designed with a built-in 3-Watt LED SOS/Lighting mode flashlight that is located on the side of the machine for added safety and in cases of emergencies.

Compared to the first product, the Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage is more recommended for outdoor and portable use. When it comes to its capacity, Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage is a good solar generator that offers 175Wh of solar energy.

But these two are among the most top-rated generators so the best way to decide is to determine the budget and your power needs. If you need more energy, then choose the first product but if you need an alternative power source for simple outings, Portable Solar Generator Power Supply Energy Storage is a smart option.

  • Simple plug-and-play system
  • Portable
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Versatile and expandable
  • Quite expensive compared to other similar types of generator

3. Solar Power Backup Generator Home Multi-Functional Indoor/Outdoor Mobile Solar Generation System

This is a good indoor or outdoor power backup for critical appliances such as lights, mini fans, and small home health care devices. It also provides clean, self-sustaining power generation from sun, wall or car.

Known as the small solar generator in the market, it’s designed with durable panels, tempered glass and aluminum frame, which allows you to get more wattage to work with.

So, if you’re tired of noise and fumes, we assure you the Multifunction 220V 5 Output Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator is silent and safe, even if you want to operate it indoors. Aside from utilizing it as a solar backup power source, it’s also ideal for tailgating, light duty construction, and emergencies.

When it comes to its notable features, this generator is portable, allowing you to add use, without extra solar panels. This is a great extra power generator for home use, camping and hiking. More than that, it is also your emergency go-to power solar kit for your household. It has an
emergency lighting, a flashlight and 2 LED light bulbs for outages.

It also has FM Radio and MP3 Player, to help in evening trips or experiencing electricity loss at home. More so, nights will be animated with its built in FM radio that can tune to 30 channels. You can likewise play favorite songs from your phone, via USB port, Bluetooth, or SD card.

The Multifunction Home Outdoor Portable Solar Backup Generator is equipped with solar panels so it can charge the generator within 24 hours. This portable backup power device also uses Fast Charge Built-in Battery – Its 3.7V/8000mAh battery which can be charged full at all times.

For cold weather usage (below freezing temperatures), it’s recommended to keep the generator in an insulated cooler and connected to a power source (solar panel). This way, the battery capacity will be kept at its highest.

It’s a small solar generator compared to other similar type, but the generator would actually be just as practical to carry around due to its weight and size.

Even though classified under solar generators, the Multifunction Output Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator, can basically be considered as a mobile power backup system, which works great in emergencies or power outages.

  • Silent and safe
  • Safe to operate indoors, no cords
  • Easy to move around
  • Power plugs are good
  • Quite small

Commercial Solar Powered Generators

If your plans for off-grid, you need commercial solar powered generators. This type can also be used as whole home solar power generatorthat’s capable to power essential, bulky, critical appliances. The capacity ranges up to 100KW capacity.

The Industrial Solar Generators can handle high-current devices and electrical tools. It can help power small and medium appliances for a longer period, with additional features for inputs to attach more solar panels and also batteries.

If you like to gain power independence, where you’ll get to access electricity while limiting diesel generator costs for your business, you can leverage off-grid solutions, which are available for business enterprises.

This is a solar energy solution that can also be used for stores, retail, shops, offices, restaurants, agriculture. For remote industries, you save from enormous grid connection charges.

Commercial solar electric power system provides supplement electricity. These can be installed and connected to power grids, so electricity would always be available, even power outages and emergencies.

However, if your power production exceeds the demand, you need to get multiple solar generators and solar panels to meet your needs. However, this enormously help you save in electric bills, which for obvious save your utility cost. Commercial solar power generators can be used with a net meter and production meter, to monitor the electricity produced from the solar array, which further enables the power to go either way.

4. Multifunction 220V 5 Output – Business Solar Power Generator Backup For Emergencies

The Multifunction 220V 5 Output Home Outdoor Portable Solar Generator is a powerful portable solar generation device. It’s the best kit for safe and silent power generation.

This Commercial Solar Power Generator System works with high-quality solar panels. The revolutionary inverter system and power optimizers maximizes the harnessed sun energy.

The power optimizers can get the most solar power from the modules with continuous tracking, while it instantly keeps a fixed voltage, as the inverter works efficiently, with an increase in power output.

The Multifunction 220V 5 Output Home Outdoor Portable Backup Solar Generator also boasts its LCD Battery Display, which comes handy when charging your gear. There are a variety of devices that can be charged using this business solar generator such as smartphones, digital cameras, lights, tablets, laptops, tents, mini refrigerators, MP3 players and other 12V appliances.

The installation can be done with less wiring, with maximum roof utilization. It’s a safe solar system for business use. The built-in monitoring has remote maintenance feature.

In any traditional grid-tie system, if one solar panel gets shaded, this can affects the whole string output. In a system with power optimizers paired with a solar panel, it allows the panels to work independently for optimal function.

An advantage of this business solar generator, it let you save more money with the use of net metering. Also, the solar panels would be able to generate more energy than what you’re consuming.

  • Highest conversion efficiency
  • Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power
  • Integrated DC switch for safety protection
  • Power factor continuously adjustable
  • Structure solar mounting system
  • Costly if you have more business power needs

5. Solar System Generator for Commercial Use – Inverter Solar Energy Generator Commercial Power Storage Generation EU US 250Wh 100W

This Solar Energy Generator for Commercial Use includes a high-quality module inverter system, which helps in harnessing maximum solar energy. The solar system generator’s Power Optimizers further increases energy through the modules while it maintains string voltage, with inverter working at optimal efficiency.

Features more boost in the power output, the built-in arc fault detection, and built-in monitoring brings quality remote maintenance capabilities. With the temperature usually not a factor in fixed string voltages, it ensures that the inverter works at its peak voltage efficiency. It thus minimizes low-voltage power losses on very hot days. Take note that solar power technologies ratings may vary.

The mounting support for solar panels allows installation for a commercial roof(flat workshop roof), extended residential roof (pitched roof), vertical wall solar mount system, car parking solar mounting, ground solar mounting and aluminum structure solar mount structure.

It’s recommended to have a grid-tied system, with an individual solar panel paired with the energy optimizer, so it works efficiently. The use for businesses and commercial enterprises allow you to save more on expenses with the net metering.

Using solar panel systems create more efficiency than what it’s consumed. With the net metering, any extra electricity eventually goes into the energy grid as an alternative than it gets kept in batteries. The utility grid is a digital battery, with the electrical power grid, in several ways also battery power. There’s no need for servicing or alternatives, with significantly better efficiency charge. So, far more electricity actually go to waste with standard electric battery systems.

Solar Panels includes 25 years Warranty, with the grid-tied inverters having 5 years standard warranty.

  • Power factor continuously adjustable
  • High solar energy conversion efficiency
  • Excellent mechanical load resistance
  • Transformer-less design and high power density
  • Integrated DC switch for added safety protection
  • Expensive if you need more solar installations for higher production

Buyer’s Guide To Solar Power Backup Generator

If your power goes out, using a portable power generator help meet crucial energy requirements in home and businesses. Though the petrol-driven model becomes an option, it’s noisy and dirty, so when you exhaust the use of gas, you’re done on power usage.

Solar power generators utilize energy from the sun to create electricity. They’re safe, clean, simple to use and has no reliance on fuel, which can be expensive in heavy use. If you’re considering a single backup power supply, but find the modern technology overwhelming, continue reading to learn more about how they work and how to select the best portable solar power backup generator.

Do Solar Powered Generators Work

Source: Alternative Energy Inc

Solar energy generator is a modern technology, but it isn’t new. The thought of putting lightweight components in the portable system is the one that’s quite new. These models are similar to bigger systems but are sufficiently smaller to take on travel or to have on hand for emergencies. The solar power generators is a great option if you have an expensive backup power supply and it’s not an option for your home or business.

Every single solar electrical generator has these basic elements. These are the solar panels that convert sunlight into electrical energy. The battery to save power. A charge control to control the flow of current towards the battery. An inverter that converts strength from the battery power into the level of current required to power home appliances.

Sunlight is highly critical in solar power generation. The local weather conditions patterns changes, but most residents can have access to sun rays via any roofing, porch, terrace, yard, clearing, or field. The best place for solar energy generator is the one that gets placed directly under the most sunlight each day.

On the other hand, the Solar Power Panel is a board filled with photovoltaic cells, which can change the photons of the sun into electric power. Solar power cells are made of silicon crystals reduce into very-slim wafers or even a film manufactured from silicon, sometimes cadmium telluride or some other materials. The cells are often attached in a sequence to develop an electric current that charges the battery power.

You need the battery to store energy so you can get it later, even if the sun’s not out. The most common battery packs are the lead-acid. For the solar power generator, you should go for a high-capacity type, with a rating for 12 volts.

Inverter charger helps convert the battery power, which is direct current (DC), so it can be used by your appliances which are alternating current (AC). So you need a product to convert DC to AC, called simply as the inverter. Go for an inverter with more of the AC plugs so you can input home appliances. Usually, a 2-kilowatt voltage inverter gives sufficient capability to run most home appliances or tools.

Your battery’s DC output can charge laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other units with internal inverters. For home appliances, you want a safe reliable method to bring the electricity to your home, which can differ from the extension power cord to installed wiring.

How Much Do Solar Generators Cost

You have to take into account what appliances are you going to power, since the more power it needs, the more generators, panels you need.

In the United States, a general guideline for a standard house that uses up electricity is a rate of 1 kW per hour (kWh). Since there are about 730 hours in a month, along the average price of the kWh of electricity is at $.10. So the standard monthly expenses would be around $73 for 730 kWh of monthly electricity.

Obviously, this can differ considerably for those who have non-standard devices such as a hot-tub, or some home appliances running consistently. Personal computer use, plasma TVs, LEDs, and video games consoles also make an impact. So, your usage increases significantly in months when you manage an air conditioning unit, too.

You can get solar energy powered home generators in a variety of dimensions and with different features. That translates to a huge variety in price – from around $100 for smaller types such as portable mobile solar generators to more than thousand dollars for bigger commercial solar power generators.

For about $100 you can buy a small solar energy generator with 5w 10amp hours. They normally have a USB 2 port plus a DC outlet. But, they don’t offer you a lot of energy and some types take about two days to recharge.

For $500 types, you can buy around 15 watts, a briefcase-like generator that power devices like cell phones and laptops.

For $2,000 to $4,000 types you can buy a larger solar power generator that can provide back up power for your residence. Most have 1,800 to 3,000 watts.

A bigger type of mobile solar generator with 105 amp several hours and up to 240 watts of energy cost at $3,800. These generators can be utilized for illumination, remote energy, computers, health-related equipment.

The biggest solar generators are designed for full use in an entire property or business are pricey; typically up to $50,000. They usually have at least 3,500 watts and a few thousand amp hours.

Depending on supplier and manufacturer, if you’re buying a huge solar home electrical generator, consider an added $500 to $1,000 for shipping charges.

How Long Do Solar Generators Last

Source: Amazon

Solar panel companies put a great deal of effort into making their solar panels powerful and longer lasting. The products need to withstand heat, cold, and heavy weather. Even so, solar panels will not be perfect and they can inevitably fade after long use.

The rated strength output of solar panel systems typically degrades at about 0.5% per year. However, solar panels (a-Si, CdTe, and CIGS) degrades faster than other panels based on mono- and polycrystalline solar panel systems

The majority of suppliers offer the 25-year standard solar power panel warranty, meaning power production should not be lower than 80% of power after twenty-five years.

So, what can happen to solar panels after twenty-five years?

The truth is there are many factors to take – but mainly because there`s no great deal of data to consider at the moment since photovoltaics is a new technology. Almost all solar panel systems are just 10 years old.

However, from what we are seeing up to now, we have to optimistic. Here are several interesting notes:

The 33W solar panel Arco Solar 16-2000 actually outperformed it’s factory requirements, 30 years after it was actually manufactured.

The world`s first solar panel continues to works after 60 years.

Kyocera has documented several solar energy installations that continue to work reliably and still generate electrical energy even though they are around thirty years.

The technology is continuously enhanced, with the solar power panels on today`s market are definitely more robust and sturdy. This is where it gets actually interesting. Exactly what does all of this really mean? The lifespan of any modern solar power is far beyond the 25 years. This essentially translates into more savings in the long run.

We can say a solar panel set up today can be up and running and still generating a great deal of electrical energy, 30 – 40 years down the road.

However, note that battery packs and inverters typically need to be replaced each and every 5 to 10 several years.


Deciding to get a solar power backup generator, whether for home or business would be an excellent choice. Additionally, it can and will save you on utility bills. It will also make emergencies, power outages, extended camping outings, and across-nation RV use, less difficult, more convenient and more fun.

Do you have reactions and ideas on solar power generators, just leave a comment in the section below.

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