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Finding the best solar lights is never an easy task. As a matter of fact, choosing tends to be daunting and at times, confusing, especially when the device we are looking for has various types, just like the solar lamps.

If you are still confused, well, don’t fret as this article will guide you in choosing the best solar-powered lamps in the market today. With the right specifications, features, and budget, we can find a good option that really satisfies our needs. In fact, you can find the top items in the next section.

What is a Solar Lamp?

Also known as solar light or solar lantern, a solar lamp is a lighting system composed of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller and may be an inverter. It provides a welcome light and added beautification to any outdoor space without the need for additional electrical wiring.

It could also be a perfect lighting source for walkways, driveways, decks, pools, patios and other areas of interest. But what’s really more interesting with solar lamps is their capacity to illuminate dark areas around your home and discourage intruders.

Solar LampsRatingPrice CheckLight OutputPurposePrice
Kenroy Home Landfall Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp4Price Check193 LumensIndoor/Outdoor$$$
Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp Post4Price Check240 LumensOutdoor$$$
Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post 4Price CheckNot StatedOutdoor$$
XEPA Solar LED Lamp with Motion Detection3.5Price Check300 LumensOutdoor$
Paradise Solar LED Outdoor Light4Price Check14 LumensOutdoor$

Top 5 Best Solar-Powered Lamps of 2019

If you are in need of a solar-powered lamp for an outdoor lighting, you are just on the right page. Check out our list below for the top 5 solar-powered lamps that will surely be helpful to you.

💡 Kenroy Home Landfall Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp with Rope Accents, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Source: Destination Lighting

Are you looking for a solar-powered lamp that can help make the appearance of an outdoor patio into a living room? If yes, then the Kenroy Home Landfall Solar Lamp is a clever option.

Even though it is designed like an indoor lamp, its weather-resistant construction makes the device ideal for outdoor conditions.

Often comes as a set of two lamps (lamp post and lamp shade), this neutral-colored outdoor solar lamp is designed to complement many home and garden decors.

In addition, if you are also looking for an indoor light source, this is also a perfect choice, especially in instances where illumination is needed but electricity is unavailable. It can also help in times of emergencies or power outages.


Who says an outdoor space could never look chic and trendy? With a contemporary design to boast, this solar lamp allows you to decorate your outdoor seating area with elegance and flair.

Boasting its chic spool-shaped solar light, this device, which weighs 17.3 pounds, comes with a bronze finish over steel with natural rope accents with a cream tapered drum shade. It is also expertly made of resin and metal.

As for the product dimensions, the lamp measures 16 inches in diameter while its height is 61 inches. The lampshade, on the other hand, measures 12 inches in diameter at the top and 16 inches in diameter at the bottom with a height of 29 inches and weight of 9.7 pounds.

Source: TopTenReviews


Aside from its contemporary design and chicness, this solar lamp also has some impressive features to brag. So, if you are interested in choosing this product, read the following information below.

Lighting – Uses an on and off control switch to control the lighting. It is equipped with three 1-Watt LED bulbs on a solar disc. In addition, it has a 10-foot power cord attached to the base of the lamp, which allows you to use the device indoors with electricity.

The LED bulbs can illuminate as far as 65.62 feet with a beam angle of 120 degrees. As for its light output, it offers 193 lumens with an 83.36 lumen/watt efficacy. Its LED lens color, on the other hand, is white.

Solar Disc – If you prefer to go green, the Kenroy Home Landfall can also be charged using its solar disc. All you have to is to remove it and take it outdoors to charge. The solar disc is made of a black plastic with a 12-centimeter, 0.85-0.9 Watt solar panel. For the solar disc specifications, its diameter measures 12.7 centimeters with a height if 3.3 centimeters with a capacity of 7.4V/4,000 mAh.

Batteries and Transformer – The solar lamp also comes with two built-in batteries. The rechargeable 18650 Lithium ion 3.7V/2,000 mAh batteries are installed in the solar disc. As for its transformer’s specification, its input is 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 0.25A while the output is 5V/1,000 mA.

Meanwhile, in case you need some parts to replace the batteries, the solar disc, the transformer or the lampshade, these are all available for purchase. As for the warranty, the manufacturer offers one-year warranty and a 90-day return policy.

  • Impact-resistance and a very high level of UV resistance
  • Sturdy weather-resistant design
  • LED bulbs shine light as far as 65.62 feet with a beam angle of 120 degrees
  • Convenient indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Ideal to decorate indoor or outdoor seating area
  • One-year warranty and 90-day return policy
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Neutral-colored outdoor solar light may be too bland for some people

If you are looking for an indoor or outdoor solar-powered lamp that is stylish with a contemporary design, then The Landfall Solar Lamp is perfect for you. This a contemporary-styled lamp provides convenience as it can be used indoors with electricity.

More so, you can use it to provide outdoor solar lighting for your outdoor living area or patio. With its weather-resistant and sturdy design, this is not only a smart and convenient choice but it is also ideal for emergencies such as a power outage.

💡 Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp Post

Source: Amazon

If you are searching for a solar lamp that is a great energy- and money-saving option, then the Gama Sonic Royal GS-98D is for you.

The lighting fixture is designed to provide automatic performance at dusk after its battery has been fully charged during the day.

With its integrated solar panels, it can directly store energy from the sun. And when the sunlight hits the lamp heads’ solar panels, it charges the device’s built-in Lithium Ion battery.

This provides excellent light and atmosphere to any outdoor surroundings in your home. With Gama Sonic’s goal of building the world’s best solar lights, this device is one of the highly suggested solar lamps in the market.


Boasting its New Orleans-street lamp design, this lamp is an epitome of style and distinction. It is constructed with weatherproof, rust-resistant cast aluminum and beveled glass.

It’s double lamps heads have a powder-coated weathered bronze finish. As for its dimension, it measures 9 x 27 x 89 inches and weighs 22 pounds.


Aside from its impressive design, this device also has a series of notable technical specifications and features. Some of them are listed below.

Lighting – It has a total of 16 (8X2) bright-white LED lights that give off a total luminous output of 240 lumens (120X2) on full solar charge. It’s double lamp heads require no electrical wiring to set up.

In cases when the panels are not getting enough solar energy to charge the battery fully, you can switch the LED-brightness mode into low to extend nightly light duration. In either mode, its patented cone reflector enhances the glow and multi-directional light dispersal.

Solar Panel –This device also comes with solar panels, which could be secured to a post’s concrete pad with the included bolts. Each lamp head has four mono-crystalline silicon solar panels that are protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass, which helps ensure long-lasting reliability.

Internal Battery Pack – It’s replaceable, plugged 1500 mAh battery packs are good for about 1,000 charges. With proper setup for optimal sun exposure, a sunny day (without clouds) could be sufficient to provide a full recharge.

The recharging speed will vary based on weather conditions. Unfortunately, indirect sunlight exposure would not charge its solar panels. Thus, you should never place the lamp post in a shaded area and place it in an open area under the sun, instead.

  • Bright Light
  • Dusk to dawn on the high setting
  • Durable
  • Dual Lights
  • Good design
  • Will only charge during sunny days
  • A bit expensive
  • Limited brightness

If you are looking for a solar-powered lamp that brags sophistication and style, the Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp Post is a perfect choice for you.

In addition to its chic design, this lamp is also an energy-saver. With its two lamp heads, its ability to give illumination is doubled.

💡 Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post (8 Ft. with Two-Heads & LEDS Lights)

Source: Sears

When you’re looking for an elegant outdoor lamp, the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post is definitely a must-have.

This device is equipped with ultra-bright LED lights that can provide illumination up to 8 to 10 hours. The Lamp Post also has the intelligent digital controller to provide protection with control on time, over-charge, and over discharge.

It also has an automatic dusk-to-dawn operation. Aside from its stylish design, it will also save you from the rising expenses of electric bills, not to mention the perfect accent to any outdoor décor.


Boasting its chic and sophisticated design, the outdoor solar lamp is made of rust-resistant, powder-coated cast and strong aluminum alloy. The lamp also has two heads and a bronze or black finish. It is water-resistant and can withstand strong wind.

For its size and dimension, each of the lamp heads measures 9 inches in diameter by 11 inches in height. The lamp post, on the other hand, the height of this lamp post is 8.5 feet with a 10.24 inches base diameter.


Every solar-powered device has its own distinct and notable features. And before buying any product, it is a very important thing to consider its features so let’s delve it before.

Lighting – This device is equipped with 32 3-Watt ultra-bright LED lights that can provide illumination from 8 to 10 hours that are protected with real beveled glass panes. For the first 5 to 6 hours with high brightness, then change to energy saving mode to gradually reduce the brightness. The LEDs can also last up to 100,000 hours.

Solar Panel and Battery – Aside from the LED lights, the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp post has also a large quality 4-Wattmonocrystalline silicon solar panels with each panel measuring 2 x 1.75 inch and each lamp has 6 of this size solar panels. In addition, the device is equipped with 6V lead-acid/Ni-Cr/Ni-MH special solar charged battery.

Digital light controller – Last but not the least, the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post also has an intelligent digital light controller, which aims to provide protection overlight control/time control/over-charge and over discharge.It also has an automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

  • Cheap
  • Well-made
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Short Battery Life (2-3 hours maximum)

If you are on a budget but need a solar-powered lamp, then the Kendal High Outdoor Solar Lamp Post is perfect you!

With its elegant design and affordable price, you can never go wrong in choosing this solar lamp. But just a reminder, it’s also a good idea to consider the pros and cons of the product.

💡 XEPA SPX713 Solar-Powered LED Post Lamp with Motion Detection Function

Source: Craluxlighting

The XEPA Outdoor Black Solar LED Post Lamp is a pretty decent choice when you are looking for a solar-powered lamp to light up your long and dark driveway.

It’s easy to assemble and convenient. Just place and assemble the lamp in a non-shaded area so that will receive maximum sunlight and enjoy a dusk to dawn light source.

The device is equipped with LED light bulbs that you don’t need to replace. Since it uses the power of the sun this could give you continuous illumination time up to 4 hours on the full power function and up to 18 hours on the conservation function. The lamp can also be used in other outdoor surrounding areas in your yard.


Designed to provide years of operation, this solar lamp has a clear contoured glass lens with sturdy die cast aluminum framing. Moreover, the device is also waterproof and weather-resistant.


One of the most important criteria when choosing any solar-powered devices is the product’s specification and features. So, if you are interested with XEPA Outdoor Black Solar LED Post Lamp, continue reading below for its list of features.

Source: Amazon

Lighting – This device is equipped with LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) light bulbs that won’t need any replacing. With the use of the light of the sun, it could give continuous illumination time of 4 hours on full power mode and 18 hours on conservation mode. It gives off a luminous flux of 300 lumens.

To power it up, all you have to do is simply assemble and place your solar post lamp in a non-shaded area, where the solar panel received direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. For normal operation, press the I/Off/II switch.

In setting “I”, the lamp will provide up to 18 hours of continuous illumination. When the switch is set to “II”, the lamp turns on at maximum brightness and stays illuminated up to 4 hours, until the battery drains.

Solar Panel and Batteries – During daylight hours, the 10V/2.5-Watt monocrystalline solar panel will absorb energy from the sun and store the energy in two 3.7V/2,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Since it’s a dusk to dawn solar lamp, a photocell will automatically turn the post lamp on at nightfall if it is set at I or II.

For low output brightness, you may use switch position I. After 30 seconds of illumination at full power, the lamp will enter a conservation mode. And if there is no motion detected, it will keep dimly lit.

Motion Detection Function – As aforementioned, the lamp has a motion detection function. If any motion is detected within 10 feet or a 160-degree motion from the motion detector, the lamp will automatically return to full brightness for 30 seconds.

  • Provides bright light
  • Quality product at a very good price
  • Provides a soft light without costly electricity bills
  • Creates a blotchy pattern of light
  • Difficult and cumbersome to hang.


The XEPA Outdoor Black Solar LED Post Lamp comes with standard features and a wide range of heights and mounting options. With that said, it can definitely meet your every landscaping or outdoor needs. It requires no electrical wiring and it offers the brightest output.

It is also a great addition to the appearance of your driveway, walkway or other areas outside your home.But remember to ensure that you have securely mounted your XEPA light to a solid surface by using the included mounting hardware.

💡 Paradise GL23716BK Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light

Source: Amazon

Considered as the next generation solar lighting, the Paradise Solar LED Lamp is a trendy outdoor lighting source that is the perfect choice to enhance the appearance of your patio or backyard. It also gives an ambient lighting for any outdoor entertainment area.

This is crafted from durable and weather-resistant cast aluminum materials with a black rust-resistant finish and clear plastic lenses. The device is built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It is also a maintenance-free, stylish and reliable outdoor lighting option since no bulb change is required. With the power combination of its solar power and LED technology, it provides hours of energy-efficient outdoor lighting for hours on end. The lights are not as bright as a gap lamp or an electric street lamp, but it is eco-friendly.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions since 1997, Paradise Garden Lighting never fails to deliver a nostalgic effect to its Paradise GL23716BK Cast-Aluminum Solar-Powered LED Streetlight-Style Outdoor Light as it boasts its classic design with a modern twist.


With a design similar to an old-fashioned street lampoon cobblestone lanes, the Paradise Garden Solar Lamp exudes a sense of tradition and history. It utilizes solar power and LED technology, making it an efficient and dependable outdoor lighting source.

The GL23702BK also combines the best of modern technology, energy efficiency, and timeless design to transform any outdoor living space and other high-traffic areas on your estate. As for the product’s dimension, it weighs one pound and measures 8.8 X 8.8 X 80 inches.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance illumination without compromising on high style, then this Paradise Garden Lighting product is perfect for you! Known for its top-of-the-line and innovative outdoor light fixtures, the GL23716BL takes pride of its impressive features.

Lighting – Can serve as a welcoming beacon of the solar lamp in your home, the fixture is equipped with 12 bright white LED bulbs that deliver a consistent luminous flux of 14 lumens that are perfect to light up walkways, patios, and driveways, among many others.

Solar Panels – The fixture is also equipped with four large solar panels that are located at the top of the posts. These panels aim to maximize the energy absorption from the sun’s rays to power the lamp.

On/Off Switch – The device also comes with an automatic On and Off switch that turns on automatically at dusk and turns off if it’s already dark outside, without any cost of operation.

Rechargeable Batteries and Easy Installation Feature – To further optimize charging throughout the day for dependable and energy-efficient lighting at night, the device is equipped with three AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. When it comes to installation, it’s pretty simple. There is no wiring is required and the light is ready to go in the ground straight out of the box for use within minutes.

  • Durable, weather- and rust-resistant
  • Impressive design
  • Longevity of the product
  • A bit expensive compared to other solar lamp of the same type
  • Not as bright as gas or electric lamps

Honestly, the main selling factor of this solar-powered lamp is its design but despite the limitations when it comes to its illumination capacity.

Some buyers are impressed with this lamp as it produces it in a forthright, dependable way, not to mention its durability and aesthetic quality.

Other Recommended Solar-Powered Lamp Post

Apart from the aforementioned suggestions, there are still several smart choices of solar-powered lamps that are available in the market. You can find its product descriptions below.

💡 Energizer 77 Inch LED Solar Lamp Post

Another notable brand when it comes to solar-powered lamps is the Energizer 77-Inch LED Solar Lamp Post. Energizer is a trusted brand when it comes to power and lighting so it won’t be a surprise if you have high expectations about this lamp.

The Energizer 77-Inch LED Solar Lamp Post is made from durable high-impact resin and metal with glass lens materials. It is made with movement in mind and its lightweight construction can be easily picked up and moved when needed. It is equipped with ground stakes and anchoring bolts to provide versatility for the solar light.

In addition, the device has a crystalline solar panel that absorbs sunlight during the day to recharge the batteries for nighttime use. Each light includes 4 anchor bolts, a ground stake, and 700 mAh Lithium-ion battery. Each post measures 77 inches tall when assembled.

💡 Gama Sonic GS-94C-D Victorian Solar Lamp Post and Double Downward-Hanging 13-LED Lamp Heads, 90-Inch, Black Finish (Lawn & Patio)

Source: Amazon

Looking for a Victorian-inspired solar lamp? Well, then The Gama Sonic Victorian GS-94C-D solar lamp post is a pretty decent choice. Its downward hanging double lamp heads is the perfect energy-saving and money-saving replacement for any outdated outdoor lighting while its 19th-century-streetlamp design will add style and distinction to your lawn.

With a height of 90 inches tall, the fixture has rust-resistant cast aluminum lamp post features two lanterns with a powder-coated black finish and requires no electrical wiring to set up. Additionally, its Lithium Ion battery pack charges when its 5-Watt solar panel, which shared by the two lamp heads, is exposed to direct sunlight.

For its lighting, there are 13 bright-white LEDs per lantern that will automatically turn on and shine through the beveled glass panes with a total luminous flux of 400 lumens from all the lights combined.

The lamps also boast its dusk-to-dawn performance after their battery pack is fully charged during the day. At times when the panel isn’t getting enough direct sun to charge the battery to capacity, switch

At times when the panel isn’t getting enough direct sun to charge the battery to capacity, switch the LED-brightness mode to low to extend nightly light duration but thanks to Gama Sonic’s patented cone reflector, it enhances the glow and light dispersal in either mode.

Apart from the lamp’s impressive luminosity and light duration, it is also durable and its monocrystalline silicon solar panel is protected by weather-resistant, cleanable tempered glass that helps ensure long-lasting reliability. The replaceable plugged battery pack should last for about 1,000 charges.

Meanwhile, the recharging speed of the lamp will vary based on weather conditions but no charging will occur if the direct sun does not shine on the solar panel so it would be better if you will not locate the lamp post in a shaded area.

💡 Imperial II Solar Lamp Post, Triple Head, Black

Source: Amazon

Another highly recommended product is the Imperial II Solar Lamp Post. It is crafted from weather resistant cast aluminum and it is equipped with 21 ultra-bright LEDs on each of its three heads. Hence, it can definitely boost the lighting situation of any outdoor space such as gardens, parks, driveways, and walkways, among many others.

This solar lamp post is also equipped with an internal monocrystalline solar panel that charges its battery during the day to allow for up to 12 hours of running time at night, not to mention its rechargeable 3.2V/12,000 mAh Lithium-ion battery pack. It provides a total light output of 1,050 lumens(350 x 3).

For your convenience, this solar powered light automatically lights up in darkness and power down on its own come daytime. As for the product’s dimensions, the lamp’s head measures 19 inches(H) x 10.5 inches(W) while the post measures 78 inches in height.

Need-To-Know Facts

It’s a given fact that technology is what’s changing the world now. And as it widely affects the lives of humans, it’s about time inventors comes up with devices that are not only efficient but also environment-friendly. Hence, the rise of solar-powered devices has given people the opportunity to give back and be more considerate to nature.

With the emergence of various solar devices such as solar chargers, solar lamps, solar flashlights and solar backpacks, among many others, let’s delve deeper into how solar lamps can help in the lives of humans, not just based on its aesthetic quality. So, what are solar lamps?

How Do Solar-Powered Lamps Work?

Source: How Stuff Works

As mentioned above, solar lamps are comprised of a solar panel or photovoltaic cells that collect the sun’s energy during the day and store it in a rechargeable gel cell battery.

The intelligent controller senses when there is no longer any energy from the sun and automatically turns the LED light on using a portion of the stored energy in the rechargeable battery.

Just a reminder, to get the best lighting effect, you should place your solar light in an area where it can gather the most sunlight during the day so that it can soak up the energy and store it up for night time use. Most solar lights require from 8 to 10 hours to fully charge and give you the strongest illumination.

Benefits of Solar Lamps

Maybe you are wondering why there’s a need for solar-powered lamps. Aside from the fact they’re easier to install and maintain, they also do not require an electricity cable.

In addition, these lamps are a great alternative to standard grid electric, it is also eco-friendly, energy-savings, durable and cost-efficient. These devices are also beneficial in giving good lighting for any outdoor needs. Aside from this, it adds beauty, security, and safety to our home and surroundings.

Solar lamps have also helped improved literacy and education among students who live in households with no electricity. Meanwhile, if there are several advantages, the use of solar lamps has only one major disadvantage — solar energy output is limited by weather. Hence, it can be less effective if it’s raining, cloudy or winter.

Solar Lamps Vs. Kerosene Lamps

It is already a known fact that kerosene often poses negative impacts on humans’ health, especially when it comes to the lungs. That is why the use of solar energy has been widely advocated and it does not only minimizes the creation of indoor pollution but it also lessens the risks of health-related issues.

The use of solar lamps, however, does have some drawbacks, especially when it comes to the disposal of its photovoltaic panels. The reason? The panels are made of silicon and other toxic metals such as lead that can be difficult to dispose of.

Factors To Consider When Choosing or Buying Solar-Powered Lamps

If you are planning to buy a solar lamp, always remember that the type depends on the intended use — whether its purpose is to illuminate walkways, pathways, driveways, patios, gardens, pool area or any other outdoor spaces.

But aside from determining the intended use of the device, it is also important to consider these following factors before buying one.

1. Lighting Range

If you are looking for solar lamps to illuminate your patio or for security purposes, then considering the lighting range of the device is vital for you.

Solar-powered lamps can cast light from a range of 2 feet up to 38 feet. Some may prefer a shorter range but some want a product that can cover a wider area.

2. Type of Bulbs

If you want a more focused range, then it should be best to choose those solar lamps with LED lights. LEDs create a softer and more subdued lighting effect, giving decorative lighting around your home and patio and can focus on a particular spot. If you want a less focused glow, however, then choose incandescent light.

3. Brightness

The brightness of the solar lamp depends on the brightness of the sun and it is usually rated in either lumens or candelas. Light bulbs and LEDs are rated in lumens, which measure the light output at the source.

LED indicators, on the other hand, are rated in candelas, which measure the light that falls on a surface.

The output of the light varies, depending on the types of lamps. Some can produce about 15 to 20 lumens, giving off a soft light or a warm amber glow.

There are also lights that can produce a much brighter and harsher light with a luminous flux of up to 787. But take note, LED lights produce a brighter light and last much longer than other bulbs.

Source: Homezanin

Moreover, LED lights are about five times more efficient in their energy usage than incandescent bulbs.

So, when looking for solar lamps, never forget to look for the number of lumens. And if you need a good lighting source in your garden area, then you should choose a lower level of brightness to generate ambient light.

But when you need to illuminate your walkways, driveways or swimming pool area, then it’s best to choose a much stronger light for security purposes.

Meanwhile, the brightness of solar lamps also depends on how well they recharge and the quality of the rechargeable solar battery that will self-discharge over time. In order to ensure maximum brightness, it is recommended to charge your device at least every three months so the battery will last its lifespan of 1 to 2 years.

4. Number of Lights

This factor should also be considered but it usually depends on the location and the size of the area you want to illuminate. If you want to light up your entire lawn or backyard, it is best to have multiple solar lamps installed around the area.

5. Changeable Setting

Most if not all solar lamps are equipped with just one setting like manual ON/OFF switch. But there are some that can automatically turn off at dawn and on again at dusk.

There are also some that come with multiple light settings so you can change the mood and ambient lighting depending on the occasion. If you want to illuminate a dinner party subtly, then the adjustable brightness features such as the Blinking/Flashing and Steady modes come in handy.

In addition, there are some solar lamps that allow you to adjust the direction of the light to wherever you need the light the most.

The changeable setting option can also be a useful feature when using solar-powered lamps for added illumination or motion detection in areas such as garages or workshops.

6. Batteries

The most highly suggested solar lamps come with lithium-ion batteries, which give you the power to recharge the batteries when needed.

To get the best battery life, recharge the batteries fully before using them. If you are going to be using your solar light every day, make sure to replace the battery regularly.

Remember, the battery life depends on the strength of the battery. Some batteries can last from 4 to 6 hours and a maximum of 9 hours.

7. Cost

When searching for any solar-powered devices, its cost or price is always a significant factor to take note. There are products that cost much but with features that are not worth it.

You also need to be mindful that using higher-quality photovoltaic cells and larger LED bulbs can cost more. Despite the costly price, they tend to produce more light over a greater distance.

Conclusion—Wrapping Up!

As you look for the best solar lamps in the market, you should consider that these products come in various types and sizes. So, it would be a smart idea if you are sure of the type of solar-powered lamps that suit your needs.

Ask yourself — Are you going to use it for your garden, patio or walkway? How about your outdoor living areas or for security purposes?

But overall, with the products’ ease of installation, movability, and wide variety, solar lamps are indeed a practical addition to your traditional lighting source choices.

So, are you ready to take your pick? Share your choices in the comment section below to help others decide what’s best for them too!

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