Best Solar Motion Security Light

Solar Motion Security Light

Do you want to secure your home from burglars and intruders? Surely, it’s one of the toughest jobs you can aim to accomplish. You can end up spending thousands of dollars to install an efficient and reliable security system. Nevertheless, this should not be the case.

Certainly, you would want a superb security set-up that comes with the most affordable price possible. I’d like to help you achieve this. There’s a simple way that you can do this -use a solar motion light, or a solar security light in your home.

With these solar powered lights, you can illuminate your home adequately, thwart the entry of intruders or thefts, and secure your perimeter sufficiently.

I will assist you in choosing an inexpensive solar motion security light that could respond to your needs. First, here are facts that you should know about these valuable solar lights.

What are Solar Motion Security Lights?

These are lights that derive their energy from sunlight through the use of solar panels. These solar panels are exposed to direct or indirect sunlight to collect solar power. The solar panel will then supply the required energy for the solar security lights. They are called solar motion security lights because they can detect movement or motion using PIR sensors. When movement is detected, they are automatically turned on.

The solar motion light has two purposes: one, is to light your path automatically during the night when you arrive home late – you don’t have to go to the trouble of turning on the lights. Two, is to discourage burglars or trespassers from entering your home. Researches have proven that typically, criminals want to operate in dark places.

Comparison Table for the Best Solar Motion Security Lights

Top 5 Solar Motion Security Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden with Motion Activated Auto On/Off (4-Pack)

These solar security motion lights are similar with the Litom solar lights. They are weatherproof, inexpensive because they derive their energy from the sun, provide outstanding illumination, and have exceptional sensors that can detect motion from 20 feet from an angle encompassing 120 degrees.

You can install the solar lights yourself because there are no complicated wires to deal with. In addition, the solar lights have two modes: the no dim mode and the off/bright mode, which are automated through light. Customers’ reviews on Amazon gave these solar motion security lights a great rating – 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. The price is affordable too.

Litom Solar Lights Super Bright 20 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Lighting for Driveway – 2 Pack

Verified customers have awarded the Litom Solar Lights a splendid rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. This can be attributed to the its excellent product specifications that include being one of the brightest solar outdoor lights. These water-proof solar security lights have automated switches, turning themselves off during daytime, and coming to life during nighttime.

Also, they are wireless, thus, you can install them without any problems. The solar motion lights’ three modes allow you to choose between full, reduced light and motion. The vital feature that is most significant is their sensitive PIR (Passive InfraRed Sensor) motion sensors that can detect movements from 26 feet away. The price is competitive as well, being sold at an affordable price, for all the security and illumination it can provide.

Mpow Solar Lights, 2-Pack LED Motion Sensor Wall Light Bright Weatherproof Wireless Security Outdoor Light with Motion Activated ON/OFF

Mpow solar lights can detect motion from 10 to 26 feet under normal weather. The large sensors can automatically detect movements or the onset of night and are turned on at night and turned off at dawn. They are also weatherproof and wireless, therefore, you can install them quickly in your outdoor areas where their use can be maximized.

With its 8 ultra-bright LED lights, these solar security lights can serve as a reliable security measure for your home. These solar lights were rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. These two-pack solar motion lights are sold inexpensively at prices pegged as the cheapest.

Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights Wide Angle Design With 3 LEDs

Another solar motion lights by Litom came out as a best seller with 4.3 customers’ rating out of 5 stars. Just like the 20 LED outdoor motion sensor, the solar lighting contains a motions sensor that can sense movement from 10 to 26 feet away. The solar lights’ angle of detection is 120 degrees.The night sensor can detect when it’s dark and will turn on swiftly.

The solar security lights are waterproof and heatproof and can withstand inclement weather. You can readily install the wire-free solar lights in any area you want to secure. Litom 24 Led Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights emits a brighter light than the Litom 20 LED motion sensor lights. However, they have almost the same product specifications. But if you were to make a choice between the two, the 24 LED is recommended.

Solar Lights,Beegod 16 LED Security Motion Sensor Light Outdoor

These solar motion sensor lights earned an almost perfect score on with customers giving it 4.8 stars out of 5. Although, this two-pack solar LED lights are still not listed in the Best Sellers on Amazon, they will soon be. The near perfect score denotes that their performance is reliable.

The night and PIR motion sensors are perfect in providing security and lights for your home. The night sensor detects darkness or night and turns the solar lights on. The solar-powered lights are made of durable material and are weatherproof. You can buy these first-rate solar LED lights from Amazon at reasonable prices.

Advantages of Using Solar Motion Security Lights

If you’re still unconvinced whether to utilize solar security lights, consider the following advantages that you can enjoy:


Advantages of Using Solar Motion Security Lights
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As previously mentioned, it is inexpensive since the solar motion light uses sunlight to recharge itself. You will now bid goodbye to the spiraling cost of electricity. The only money you will be spending is when you buy your solar security light.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

You can quickly install the motion-sensing security light by yourself. It’s not rocket science. All the equipment you need in setting it up are provided in its package. The maintenance of these solar lights is also easy. You only have to safeguard the solar panel from dust and dirt. Wipe it clean regularly so it could gather all the solar energy your motion lights require.

Maximum illumination at The Cheapest Price

You can now use all the light you want because the cost of electricity is no longer your problem. You can install solar lights or outdoor motion sensor solar lighting in your garage, your patio and all your dark outdoor areas.

Provision of Light and Security

With your solar motion lights, you can provide light and security to your homes at an affordable price.

Environmental Friendly

Aside from being cost-saving, these solar security lights are Eco-friendly. They don’t produce harmful waste products that could harm the biota around them. The solar lighting use nature to harness energy.

What Solar Motion Security Lights Should You Look For?
What Solar Motion Security Lights Should You Look For
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Picking the best solar motion security light for you can be a Herculean task, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Although, you can customize your solar lights the way you want them to function, there are still essential features that you must look into when choosing your solar security light.


The solar motion security light must be made of high quality material, so that you can use them safely for a long period of time. You may also want to trace the history of the manufacturer to confirm if their products are durable. The positive reviews of its clients can serve as proof to the solar light’s reliability.


Is the solar light safe enough to use? Is the bulb not easily broken? Are the wires – if any – safe for you to handle? These are the questions you can ask yourself.They should be answered affirmatively.


Is the solar light reliable? Can it provide light of your preferred brightness? Can it deliver ample light for the length of hours that you need? Reliability can also be determined through the customers’ reviews. Peruse the reviews and learn what users’ experiences are.

Ease of Installation, Maintenance and Use

Read the instructions in using the solar motion security lights and determine if you can follow them easily. If you can, then it’s the right solar light for you. There are a number of outdoor solar lights that fall into this category.

Type of Light and Brightness

Go over the product specification and know the various type of light and brightness the solar security light can deliver. Can the designated area be properly lighted up with the quantity, type of light and brightness of solar light bulbs? Thus, you have to know beforehand what designated area in your front or backyard you want to use the solar outdoor lighting fixture.

Range of Motion Sensor

This feature is crucial in ascertaining that your entire outdoor area is covered. How wide is the space you want to secure? Solar motion lights can have motion sensors that can detect from 60 feet, 40 feet, 15 feet and 12 feet distances. You have to consider the angle range too. A 360 angle is best when covering the whole area. A 180 angle may be preferable in some cases. This will depend on the area you want to cover.

Type of Bulb

The type of bulb of your solar motion security light can be incandescent, fluorescent or LED. We recommend LED because it has more staying power, is more durable, and is an energy saver. The other types of bulbs utilize more wattage, or more energy. The higher the watts used, the higher the energy consumption. Bear in mind that the energy used is not equal to the brightness of the solar light bulbs.

Size of Lumen

The size of the lumen indicates the amount of light coming from the bulb itself. The higher the lumen the brighter the light. Your target is to find a solar motion light that a smaller watt but a bigger lumen – lower energy input but brighter light output.

To help you with this goal, I have done the research for you. The following are the solar motion lights that I recommend.These are the best sellers on

Tips in Using The Solar Motion Security Lights
  • Charge the batteries fully before use. This is most especially during the first use. The first charging usually optimizes the functionality of the battery. This will ensure that the solar motion security lights are charged adequately and can be used fully.
  • Expose the solar panel directly to sunlight to guarantee that the batteries are sufficiently charged.
  • To ensure that the night and motion sensors are working properly, you have to install the solar security lights at least 5.6 to 6.6 feet from the ground.
  • Clean your solar panels regularly. A dirty solar panel will not be able to collect all the sunlight required for a long-time operation.
  • When installing your solar motion security lights, remember to cover all main areas. Position the solar lights strategically so that burglars or trespassers cannot tamper with them.
  • If the solar security lights don’t work upon receipt, you must return the product quickly and request for a replacement or a refund. Generally, solar light companies will replace the item, if found to be defective.
  • Manipulate the modes of your solar motion lights to suit the required type of light that you need for that specific event and for that designated area.


You can benefit tremendously in using solar motion security lights. You can illuminate all areas of your home, while saving energy simultaneously. Your electricity expenditure is reduced, and you can protect your home safely from criminals. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your solar motion security lights now and enjoy all these incredible benefits.

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