Solar Powered Lamps Review

Solar Powered Lamps
Solar Powered Lamps
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This landscape lighting by Solario can serve as garden lights, garden solar lights, or outdoor solar lights. They can, likewise, provide security lights because they are motionactivated and can deliver brilliant light fixtures in your garden, patio, or outdoor areas. They could also serve as outdoor solar post lights because they are brighter than ordinary light bulbs.


More Product Description of Solar Powered Lamps

Sensitive Built-in Motion Sensors

Product Descriptio of Solar Powered Lamps
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The solar powered lamps are automatically turned on when movement is detected, from a 120-degree angle, or 15 to 20 feet away. These sensors can help in securing your homes or businesses because the solar lights will scare away would-be intruders. You don’t have to be inconvenienced by having to turn them on every time you arrive at home during the night.

One Yellow and 3 White LEDs

These provide brilliant lights that can beautify your home. You can use the 3 white led lighting first, followed by the yellow led solar light.

Rechargeable Battery

You can recharge the battery through solar power, with the use of solar panels. If fully charged, the solar powered lamps can provide illumination for 9 hours.

Solar Panels

These solar panels are crucial in recharging your outdoor solar lights. Most solar panels are attached to the lights, which will facilitate the recharging process.

  • They are cost effective with prices ranging from $29.99 to $40.
  • They are easy to install. All you need are two screws for wall installation.
  • A durable plastic material is used in manufacturing the outdoor lights. Thus, they last longer than ordinary light bulbs.
  • They are weatherproof, being able to withstand the damages caused by rains or inclement weather.
  • They are automatically turned on during the day and t8urned off during the night.
  • The solar panel provides ample energy for the solar outdoor lights to operate even during days with insufficient sunshine.
  • You can save money because they reduce the cost of your electricity bills because you don’t use electricity to charge them.
  • They are energy savers. You don’t need a large amount of energy to operate them.
  • These outdoor solar lights don’t need wires or cables. You can install them on walls or areas that you want illuminated.
  • These outdoor solar lights are environmental friendly. The materials that are used by these outdoor lightnings are harmless.
  • Because they are solar powered lamps, you may find problems recharging during winter and non-sunny days. There are some solar outdoor lights that come with batteries that can be electrically charged, when the sun is not out.
  • It’s small. If you want to illuminate a larger area, you have to buy more than one solar powered lamp, or buy other types of outdoor solar lights.
  • Some customers complained of the not so bright lights. A few clients have used the solar powered lamp only for a few days and then it had stopped working.

The solar powered wall lamps by Solario received a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Based on the product reviews, there are a few lamps that didn’t work. You will have to test the solar lamps upon receipt, so you can return them immediately, if they are defective.

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