Birksun Solar Backpack Review: When Aesthetics Is As Good As Functionality

  • Fast Charging
  • Uses the latest solar panel technology
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in Battery can store up to 3000 MAH
  • Can also charge the battery for a wall socket
  • Slightly pricey compared to similar specs
  • Limited compartment size
  • An additional USB port would be better
  • May need direct exposure to sunlight to efficiently charge

Why Get A Solar Backack?

In this age wherein the rapid advancement of technology is seen everywhere. It is more than common that we use and depend on our laptops, cell phones, and gadgets whenever and wherever we are. The downside of our dependence is when the power of these gadgets runs out, our life also literally stops. Fortunately, solar backpacks like this creation of Birksun are now available to keep the power of our beloved gadgets last.

In this Birksun solar backpack review, we will discuss the things that make this product a great buy and if it is worth the hype. Most importantly, the reviews from people who had already bought the solar backpack will be also included to give you a different perspective on this product.

Key Features of Birksun Solar Backpack 

Fast Charging

Using the latest in solar panel technology, this backpack can create chargeable power in 2 minutes of sunlight exposure. This minimal 2 minute is already enough to charge a dead battery by 1%. Its efficiency ratio is much better compared to an ordinary solar panel device. The 3.25-watt monocrystalline battery can power any device at the same speed as a wall socket. The efficiency (shelf life)? of the solar panel can last up to 20 years.

A downside in the solar energy capture efficiency is the need to directly expose the solar panel battery to the sun for it to charge fast. Cloudy or rainy weather may be a hindrance in terms of its charging time. (Isnt this all the other solar powered gadgets?)


Birksun is well-known to produce gear that is made from premium quality materials. This solar backpack follows the tradition of utilizing soft but durable fabric that provides both comfort and protection to gadgets, laptops, and the like.


The Birksun solar backpacks come in with a variety of colors to choose from. However, it could be better if there would be more color and design variations to accommodate every user’s preference.


Weighing just 2.3 pounds, this solar panel backpack is comfortable to use and doesn’t look bulky with its 16” x 12” x 5” dimensions. The bag is also filled with smaller pockets to keep smaller gadgets and stuff well in place. The pockets are also designed to keep valuables protected especially when in the street or public places.

The storage is enough to fit a 15” laptop. A 17” laptop may need more room than what this backpack has to offer.

USB Ports

The solar-charged battery has a single USB port which means it can only accommodate a single device per charging.

Customer Reviews

I love Birksun

I love my Birksun backpack! It’s got practical pockets with some lined with soft material to protect valuables. I love that it is waterproof, I’m taking it on my ski trip!

Fantastic bag

This solar backpack does everything that is advertised! Strong, durable and waterproof (tested). Has so much space within the compartments and the solar panel works great and even works in little sunlight. The delivery was amazing considering I am in the UK and it only took 4 days is incredible. I would 100% recommend to anyone even considering getting one and will definitely grab another if needed.


This bag is so cute and so easy to use! Since I’ve gotten it I’ve taken it everywhere with me! I’m so in love with all its easy accessible compartments and their waterproof zippers! And that there is a soft compartment for your laptop. The panel works amazingly to charge pretty much any device.

Perfect for travel

Travel documents and laptop always safe, amazing plus that it charges your phone as well. The zipper is maybe a bit tricky if you’re opening the bag quickly, but otherwise, this was the best buy I’ve made all year.

Love it

It’s gone to the beach twice now. The padding on the back makes it so comfortable to wear. I’ve only used it once to charge my phone but it worked really well and charged my phone super-fast. I can’t wait to hike with it and fly with it. All my friends want one. I would totally recommend it.


The Birksun solar backpack offers comfort and reliable energy source while on the go. Its soft interior fabric offers protection to laptops and gadgets. The best feature of the backpack’s solar panels is its ability to charge as fast as the wall. Despite its few limitations, this product is still one of the best choices (value-wise) available today.

Bringing one of these in your travels and outdoor activities would surely come in handy and provide convenience whenever and wherever you are.

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