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Solar Backpacks FAQ

What is a Solar Backpack?
A solar backpack is a cloth sack carried on one’s back that is equipped with thin film solar cells and batteries. With the right technology, the solar panels can convert sunlight into energy and store it in the batteries. Hence, these devices can be a great source of electricity to power portable electronic gadgets and handheld devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, laptops and tablets in a safe and secure manner.
What are the features of Solar Backpacks?
Generally, solar backpacks has a flexible monocrystalline solar panel, charge controller, light bulbs, cords, plugs and batteries. It usually offers power up to 120 watt-hours/day, making it capable of charging electronic equipment rated up to 300 watts.
What is the Power Capacity and Battery Power of Solar Backpacks?
Solar power capacity and battery power should be among the factors you should consider before purchasing a solar backpack. The ideal capacity, however, depends on your attachment to your electronic gadgets. But it is highly recommended to choose the ones that allow you to charge your mobile phones, cameras or laptops. Moreover, you must also consider the ability of these devices to store excess power, which can be used in cases of emergency.