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Best Solar Generators

What is a Solar Generator?
Solar generators are systems that capture the sun’s energy through its photovoltaic (PV) panels. These usually consist of batteries, a charge regulator, and an inverter.
Factors To Consider When Buying A Solar Generator?
A solar generator is technically packed with three major elements — a solar unit, power storage and portable design. But design-wise, you have to remember that the device has no specific form and its main function is to collect solar energy and store it to provide you power without any troubles. There are indeed so many types of solar generators in the market today but these are the factors you need to consider when choosing or buying one. Portability and Compactness (Weight, Size, a nd Shape), Charging Times, Wattage, Battery Storage Capacity, Solar PV Input, Component Quality, Inverter Rating, Balanced System Design, Accessories, Sound, and Price.
What is the difference between DC and AC power?
DC (direct current) power is drawn from a battery and will run several types of RV appliances, like lights and water pumps. AC (alternating current), which is drawn out of the wall at home, can be replicated in an RV by using an inverter to convert your DC battery power into AC household power. This is important if you wish to run AC-powered devices such as a TV, hair dryer, or coffee maker.