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Solar Motion Security Light

Outdoor Solar Motion Security Wall Lamp

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Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Powered Outdoor LED Lamp

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Solar Motion Security Light FAQ

What are Solar Motion Security Lights?
These are lights that derive their energy from sunlight through the use of solar panels. These solar panels are exposed to direct or indirect sunlight to collect solar power. The solar panel will then supply the required energy for the solar security lights. They are called solar motion security lights because they can detect movement or motion using PIR sensors. When movement is detected, they are automatically turned on.
How to Install and Maintain Solar Motion Security Lights
You can quickly install the motion-sensing security light by yourself. It’s not rocket science. All the equipment you need in setting it up are provided in its package. The maintenance of these solar lights is also easy. You only have to safeguard the solar panel from dust and dirt. Wipe it clean regularly so it could gather all the solar energy your motion lights require.
What Type of Bulb to be used in Solar Motion Security Light?
The type of bulb of your solar motion security light can be incandescent, fluorescent or LED. We recommend LED because it has more staying power, is more durable, and is an energy saver. The other types of bulbs utilize more wattage, or more energy. The higher the watts used, the higher the energy consumption. Bear in mind that the energy used is not equal to the brightness of the solar light bulbs.
The Benefits of using Solar Motion Security Light?
You can benefit tremendously in using solar motion security lights. You can illuminate all areas of your home, while saving energy simultaneously. Your electricity expenditure is reduced, and you can protect your home safely from criminals.