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Solar Pool Heater FAQ

How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work?
Solar pool heaters mostly include the following three components, a solar collector or solar panels, a filter and a pump. Firstly, the water in the pool is filtered and sent to the solar collectors. These solar collectors are attached to solar panels which use the heat from the sun to warm up the water.
What is the Cost of a Solar Pool Heater?
You can have a solar pool heater set up at your home for a cost ranging between $100 to $300. These solar pool heaters are worth the cost because including installment and the actual heater; you don’t have to pay to have the water be heated. The heater will be using the free energy from the sun to heat up your pool every day, extending your pool season.
What are the Benefits of using Solar Pool Heater?
Solar pool heaters are the best pool heaters in the market. They do not even compare with gas and electric heaters. And here is why. Environment friendly and use an alternative energy source Low maintenance costs Low operating costs Easy installation Works efficiently in most climates