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Solar Porch Light FAQ

What is A Solar Porch Light?
A solar porch light is a light powered by sunlight that you can use in your porches or patios. Since the source of energy is the sun, you will save both money and energy. In short, it’s an inexpensive way to provide lights in your porch or in any area in your home.
What is the Safety and Durability of Solar Porch Light?
These are vital aspects that you should consider when buying a solar porch light. When your solar lights are not durable, your money goes down the drain because you cannot utilize the solar lights for long. It could be dangerous too when the solar powered outdoor lights break. This incident can cause injuries to persons nearby. You can determine the durability and safety of a solar porch light by perusing the customers’ reviews of the product. Also, you can browse the product specifications to learn what material is the solar light made of.
How to Clean a Solar Panel?
You can clean the solar panel with soap and warm water using a clean, soft rag. Prevent scratching or niching the surface of the panel because this can deflect or reflect solar light, instead of amassing it.
How to Troubleshoot Solar Lighting?
When your solar lighting doesn’t function: check the battery, it may need replacement; clean the solar panel’s surface, it might be dirty; check if any object is blocking the solar panel from direct sunlight. If these are all double-checked and the solar light still doesn’t work, then the product might be defective. You have to return the product within the time frame provided, or the solar lights may not be replaced anymore.