Solar Phone Charger

Solar Phone Chargers
Solar Phone Chargers
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Are you wondering if a solar Samsung or iPhone charger is good for your phone? Do you want to own a solar phone charger that fits your preferences? If you do, I have summarized here the best features of solar phone chargers that you can select from.

Also, I have included some tips as your guide in choosing and using a solar phone charger. Learn more about these eco-friendly chargers below, and decide what’s most suitable for your needs.

What Is A Solar Phone Charger?

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A solar phone charger is a charger that can derive its energy from the sun (sunlight) to charge cell phones and other devices. Most solar phone chargers, however, have also the capability to be electrically charged through direct plugging to an outlet, or by using USB ports.

Top 5 Best Solar Phone Chargers

I have put together 5 of the best solar phone chargers that were rated more than 4 stars on Amazon. Hopefully, this list can help you choose your own solar charger. Take note of each of the product details and decide wisely.

#1 Anker 21W 2-Port USB Universal PowerPort Solar Charger

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  • This solar phone charger can charge two cell phones simultaneously with its fast charging 21-watt solar array. You can carry it around conveniently in your backpack because it’s portable and thin measuring only 11.1 × 6.3 inches when folded, and 26.4 × 11.1 inches when opened.
  • It has also two stainless steel-eye holes that you can use to attach it securely to your backpack or bag. The solar panels of this solar phone charger are made of high quality PET polymer that can withstand severe weather conditions. Rated 4.4 stars out of 5, this is one of the best solar charger for the year.
  • Too heavy; despite its product details of being portable, one customer commented that it was too heavy for backpacking. However, majority stated that the solar phone charger worked great and can be carried around easily.

#2 Voltaic Systems “Amp” 4.0W Portable Solar Charger and 4000mAh USB Battery Backup Bank for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android, and USB Devices – 1018-S

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  • Rated 4.2 stars out of 5, this solar phone charger is compatible with iPhones, iPads, USB devices, Androids, and Samsung Galaxies. This makes it almost an all-around charger. The 2 solar panels are made of the highest grade of monocrystalline materials.
  • Likewise, they are lightweight and – this is new – ‘self-healing’ urethane coats their exterior to protect them from ‘abuse’. You can expose these durable solar panels directly to sunlight, or you have also the alternative to plug the batteries to any standard USB port.
  • The solar phone charger’s connectors are not durable, as reported by one user, who had used the solar charger for a year. One user also claimed that it takes a long time to charge the battery. However, majority of the customers are all praises for the battery’s charging capability.

#3 Voltaic Systems “Fuse 6W” 6.0W Portable Solar Tablet Charger with 4,000mAh USB Battery Backup for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android, and HTC Devices – 1030-S

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  • This is another Voltaic Systems’ solar phone charger that is rated 4.2/5 stars. If you’re looking for a solar charger that is compatible with almost all portable devices, this solar tablet charger is ideal for that purpose.
  • It’s a good solar charger and can charge the following: Samsung Galaxy, USB cameras, Blackberry, smartphones (Apple iPhone), Canon, iPod, iPad, Android devices, Sony and Nikon. The portable and removable battery of this solar mobile charger can be charged in direct sunlight.
  • Three hours of charging can sufficiently charge a standard iPhone, and longer charging up to 11 hours can charge 10-inch tablets. The solar charger’s panel is made of a durable monocrystalline material, which makes it weatherproof.
  • Just like the Voltaic 4.0 W portable charger, its solar panel is coated with a ‘self-healing’ urethane. Both devices are rated 4.2 stars, but if you plan in using the solar charger for different devices, then opt for this one.
  • Short charging wire; it has a short charging wire and a poor connector, as observed by one user.

#4 Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery Pack Dual USB Solar Panel Charger with 2LED Light Carabiner Compass Portable

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars, this solar phone charger can recharge either through direct sunlight or through electricity, so it’s adaptable to any type of weather in any country. With its hanger and compass, you can carry it around outdoors because the power bank set is also weatherproof, dust-proof, shock resistant and durable.
  • You can be fashionable and choose from its 3 portable designs to suit your outfit and still be assured of its reliability. In cases of emergencies during the night, you can use the solar phone charger’s 4 LED lights as a flashlight. This portable solar charger is ideal for outdoors because of its incredible features. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is the solar phone charger for you.
  • Slow charging; one customer complained that it stopped working the first month, and one reported that it took too long to charge.

#5 Foreverrise Solar Charger 15000mAh High Capacity Solar Panel Power Bank Portable Battery Pack

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  • This portable solar powered phone charger, weighing only 8.8 oz, is drop resistant and waterproof because its battery is made of durable polymer material. These features make it an ideal outdoor solar phone charger. It’s however used particularly for iPad Air, iPhone 6, or Galaxy S6 and can be used with a double USB interface.
  • This solar phone charger can serve as a flashlight too, with its 4 different LED mode. The solar charger has safety precautions that ensures reliability and automatic shutdown of charger when battery is full or something is wrong with the charger. Customers rewarded these outstanding features with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.
  • Short life of battery; three customers complained that the battery worked only for a while. Nonetheless, the 4.5 – star rating is enough proof that the solar phone charger is reliable.

You can choose from the above-mentioned solar phone chargers. I have selected the solar mobile phone chargers that were given a customers’ rating of more than 4 stars on Amazon. This way, you can truly assess their usefulness. It’s still your choice.

Do You Need A Solar Phone Charger?

Do you need a Solar Phone Charger
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If you’re mobile a lot, you definitely need a solar phone charger. Since you’re outdoors most of the time, there can come a time that you will run out of battery, and here’s where your solar phone charger plays a crucial role. Without a nearby electric outlet, you can conveniently charge your cell phone outdoors using solar energy (energy coming from the sun) – and take note – without any cost at all. That’s a ton of worry out of your head, and a great deal of advantage coming from your solar mobile charger.

What Should You Look For In A Solar Phone Charger?

What should you look for in a solar phone charger
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So, what should you look for in a charger? Obviously, whether it’s solar or not, your mobile phone charger must have the following aspects, or features:

Compatibility with Your Cell Phone

This is significant because no matter how superb your solar charger is, if it’s not compatible with your cell phone unit, then every awesome feature is useless. This should be your first priority. If the solar powered phone charger is compatible with your phone, then you can now proceed with the rest of the features in this list.


You must be able to carry your charger with you anywhere you want to go, or else, it will lose one of its crucial advantages. It should be thin, lightweight and can be secured safely to your backpack or bag.

Ease of Use

The solar phone charger must be easy to use and ought to have the ability for speed charging. There should be no unnecessary wirings or contraptions that can complicate the process. You should be able to manipulate its functionalities without any problems.

Durability of Solar Panel

The panel of the solar mobile charger should be made of monocrystalline material because it’s the best material for solar panel for phone chargers. It is superior in quality, and more durable than the polycrystalline solar panels. Search for a solar charger that is made out of ABS and silicone because these are high-quality materials.

Some solar panels contain urethane coating, which doubles their durability, so you may want to take note of this. It’s essential that the panel is weatherproof (heat resistant, waterproof), and shock resistant too. How quickly a solar panel can be able to charge your batteries is also critical. Choose one that can rapidly do the task.

Length of Charging Time

Consider the charging time of your solar cellphone charger. You may want to opt for a solar phone charger that charges the quickest. How fast it charges will depend largely on how reliable its solar panel is. So, consider the solar panel too. Time is gold. You wouldn’t want your time wasted waiting for your mobile phone to be charged, would you? Be on the go with a solar phone charger that has a speed-charging functionality.

Reliability and Efficiency

Your choice for the best solar phone charger must be reliable and efficient. This means you can rely on it to work efficiently in any type of weather, and during any type of circumstances. You may be indoors or outdoors but it should still work properly. Being durable helps significantly in ensuring that the solar charger can work well at all times.

Variety of Uses

There are solar chargers that have a variety of uses: some can act as flashlights, while some have a compass attached to it. Some can be readily connected to USB ports/devices. Look for these additional ‘goodies’, when choosing your solar phone charger. These extra features can be important in the long run. It’s always good to have all your bases covered.


A smart shopper will always consider the cost. Not all expensive solar charges are the best. There are cheap solar phone chargers that work just as well as some of the most expensive ones. You have to be patient to look for these good items. Incidentally, that’s what I did for you. Thus, all you have to do is to go over the list and find a solar charger that can respond to your requirements.

Good Reviews

Yes, positive reviews are important. This is where you will know if the solar phone charger has delivered its purported excellent performance. At least, the customer’s rating should be more than 4 stars to ensure that the charger worked for majority of the buyers. It it’s lower than that, then that should ring a warning bell – don’t buy the product because it’s not reliable.

Tips In Choosing/Using Your Solar Phone Charger
Tips In Choosing Your Solar Charger
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Here are some useful pointers in picking and using your cell phone solar charger. Read them carefully and be sure to observe them.

1. Remember to charge your batteries during the day, while the sun is still up, to ensure that you have fully charged batteries to use for the night.

2. Before purchasing or using the solar phone charger, make sure that it’s compatible with your cell phone or device. There are reported cases of cell phone destruction due to power surges.

3. Choose a solar phone charger that provides you the option to connect to an electrical source, when solar energy is unavailable. But, of course, whenever possible, charge your phone using solar power to save money and energy.

4. If you’re expecting cloudy skies the following day, you can charge your cell phone batteries in advance using your solar phone charger. That’s why it’s recommended that you should have at least two batteries, so you can alternately use them.

5. It’s best to choose a solar charger that can charge multiple devices because you could maximize its use.

6. There is no PERFECT solar phone charger. There will always be an imperfection in the device. Nevertheless, you can pick the BEST solar phone charger that could work specifically for your cell phone.


A solar phone charger is an essential need for cell phone users. It’s because you can cut cost on energy; thereby, saving money as well. You may have decided what to purchase among the top 5 best solar phone chargers. That’s wonderful, but you have to act now, while supplies still last.

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