Solar Pool Heater 101

Split Solar Water Heater
Split Solar Water Heater
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If you never want to dive into a freezing cold pool ever again, the installing a solar pool heater is the best thing you can do to extend your swimming season and make dipping into your pool more enjoyable. But there are few things they you need to know about before you think about purchasing this efficient,  low maintenance, comparatively cheaper and environment friendly solar pool heater. So here is a Solar Pool Heater 101,  for all that you need to know about these pool heaters.

How Solar Pool Heaters Work

How Solar Pool Heaters Work
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Before we get into why you most definitely should buy a solar heater for your pool, you should be aware of how it functions. Here is a step by step break down of how the solar pool heater collects the solar radiation and uses it to heat your pool.

The pool water is first pumped through the filter and through the check valves and to the solar collectors. The heat transfer fluid in the collectors heat up the after and the water is pumped back into the pool.

Although this a very simple working of the solar pool heaters, you should know that there is a flow control valve in the system that diverts the pool water to the solar collectors when the outside temperature is greater than the pool temperature. But when the temperature outside and the pool is the same, the pool water just passes the pope without entering the heat transfer fluid.

Things To Consider About Solar Pool Heaters

Things To Consider About Solar Pool Heaters
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There are many factors that you need to consider before purchasing and installing a solar pool heater.

Solar pool heaters come in various sizes so you must consider the size of your pool before purchasing a heater. A smaller heating system will most definitely heat a smaller pool efficiently but you might need to increase the size of the heating system according to your pool.

The Size of The Solar Collectors

The solar pool heater traps the sunlight with the help of the solar collectors. You can choose how many collectors and the size of collectors you want based on the size of the pump and your pool. But usually you need to purchase a pool heater that is equivalent to 50 -100% of your pools surface area.

Freeze Protection For Your Solar Collectors

Solar collectors use a heat transfer fluid to heat the pool water. But in colder climates, the heat transfer fluid can freeze up. To prevent the fluid from freezing up in temperatures below 42 degree Fahrenheit, use an antifreeze solution in replacement to the fluid or drain the fluid if temperatures are likely to drop during the day.

The Installation

Some brands include an installation kit in the solar pool heater which usually includes a 3 way valve, T pipe, regular pipes and other nuts and bolts. You can even purchase an installation kit designated for solar pool heaters. But if you want to save money you can consider purchasing these materials at your local hardware store. You can also install the heater yourself or call a solar specialist to do it for you.

The Placement of The Solar Collectors

To get the optimum results  from your solar pool heater you must place the solar collectors in an inclination and height that will allow it to receive the maximum solar radiation.

The Cost

The entire budget for a solar pool heater installation will cost around $3000 to $4000. But if you look into Amazon then you’ll see a range of dollar heaters that come for $100 to $400. Although these are the cost of the heaters only, you can definitely look into reviews to see which one will be worth your money.

The Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters

The Benefits of Solar Pool Heaters
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Solar  pool heaters are  the best pool heaters in the market. They do not even compare  with gas and electric heaters. And here is why.

  • Environment friendly and use an alternative energy source
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy installation
  • Works efficiently in most climates

So as you can see you would be saving yourself some money and saving the environment as well by purchasing a solar pool heater!

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