Solar Pool Heater Budget Considerations

Solar pool heaters Above Ground
Solar pool heaters Above Ground
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Heating your pool might be very costly and hard to maintain with gas and hear pump heaters.  But heating your pool with a solar pool heater is much more cost efficient, easy to maintain and better for the environment. According to the the cost to maintain and to install a solar heater is about $3000 To  $4000. Although this price may seem a bit costly, here are some ways to create a budget for purchasing  a solar pool heater without breaking the bank.

Finding The Heater That Suits Your Pool Size

Finding The Heater That Suits Your Pool Size
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If you have a relatively smaller pool, it is useless to purchase a pool heater that is meant for larger  pool. You would be paying for a much larger and  more costly heater to get the results a smaller and cheaper pool heater could do. On the other hand if you purchase a less efficient pool heater for a larger pool, your money would be going to waste because the pool would not be heated properly. So it is important to set a suitable budget according to your pool size because the working capacity of pool heaters does differ and because regular pool pumps might not work with the solar collectors.

Considering The Size of The Solar Collectors

Purchasing a pump that is right for your pool is one thing and purchasing the solar collectors  to actually hear the pool is another. The best method for purchasing the proper size of solar collectors is to purchase one that Equals 50% to 100% of your pool ‘s surface area. You should also consider increasing the ratio of collectors to the surface area of the pool of you live in a colder area

Installation Costs

Installing a solar pool heater is another area that requires you to consider you budget. Most solar pool heater kits don’t come with an installation kit. But heaters that do come with an installation kit includes a 3 way pool valve, T pipe, regular pipes, bolts, screws etc.  You can also purchase a separate installation kit for your pool heater. But if you want to save some money and reduce the shipping costs, you can purchase the necessary installing equipment at your local hardware store.

After you purchase the necessary materials for installing your solar pool heater, you need to install it. Although you can call a somebody to professionally set of the heater and the solar collectors,  it is much more costly to do so. Instead you can install the heater yourself. Just be sure to read through the manual and watch installation videos before you begin because it is important that you know what to do before getting started.

Saving Energy and Electricity

Although a solar pool heater requires much less electricity and energy to run than other pool heaters, you still need electricity to run the pool pump. If you’re planning an entire day of swimming during a cooler day, you might be raising your electricity bill by turning the pool pump on throughout the day. So instead of running the heater for a long duration, you should purchase  an insulating pool cover to prevent the heat from escaping. You’ll be keeping the pool warm without keeping the heater on all the time.

Considering if a Solar Pool Heater is Right For You

Even though a solar pool heater is much cheaper to purchase, install and maintain, it might not be the best heater for you to purchase if you live in an area that receives very little solar radiation. The efficiency of the heater mainly depends on the amount of sunlight the solar collectors receive. If the collectors are unable to receive adequate sunlight then it will not be able to hear your pool effectively. Then the amount of money that you had spent would be going to waste. So before you even consider purchasing a solar pool heater, have your local solar system supplier analyze the solar resource in your area.

Comparing The Costs of Solar Collectors

The efficiency if the solar pool heater depends on the efficiency of the solar collectors. So it is important that you invest in a solar collector that you get the job done without costing you a lot. Here is a way you can estimate and compare the costs of the collectors to get the most out of your money.

So there you have It! All the things that you need to consider before setting a budget for you solar pool heater.


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