Why Invest In A Solar Pool Heater?

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It is frustrating to own a pool but not be able to use it because of unfavorable weather. The swimming season is very short, regretfully. But technology aids where nature lets down. The answer? Pool heaters. They raise the temperature of your pool to make it warm and swimmable, and extends your swimming season. Pool heaters come in various types and nuances.

There are gas heaters, there are electric heaters, and to the environmentally conscious pool owner, there are solar pool heaters. Solar pool heaters work in a very simple manner. Pool water is circulated through heating tubes, in which they are warmed by the sun and then pumped back into the pool. But are they worth investing in? Here are a few points for you to ponder.

Pros and Cons in Using a Solar Pool Heater

  • Effective
  • The average solar pool heater, depending upon its capabilities, raises the temperature of your pool by 5 to 10 degrees. Most solar pool heaters are also DIY, and easy to install. Granted, adequate sunlight is pretty much a given for it to work, but if conditions are suitable, then it works like a peach.
  • Clean Energy
  • This is one of the best advantage of having a solar pool heater. It has zero emissions and is environment friendly. The only power it requires is from the sun, so you will be minimizing your carbon footprint. Contrary to popular belief, global warming is not a hoax, so it is an attractive option if you’re conscious about the environment.
  • Investment
  • Solar pool heaters are powered from a natural source, so it will not affect your electricity or gas bills. Also, you do not need to keep turning it on or off as it works on its own. So, all you need to do is install and enjoy.
  • Safe
  • Unlike electric or gas pool heaters, there is no chance for injury or accidents through malfunction or defects. There aren’t any wires or combustion chambers so it is safe for your family without your supervision. Also, the maintenance for solar pool heaters is also easier and cheaper than for its alternatives. Overall, it presents a very good investment.
  • Weather conditions
  • They are solar powered, so adequate amount of sunlight is a prerequisite for them to work at all. But chances are you wouldn’t want to swim on a rainy day so the need to place the panels in an angled position, for maximum solar exposure, is something you can deal with.
  • Mechanics
  • Solar pool heaters might not be as quick as their electric or gas counterparts while heating up your pool. But electric and gas heaters, use up a lot of energy and give out a lot of by-product, are not as environment friendly as solar pool heaters.
  • Set-up
  • Solar pool heaters work best with a solar pool cover. While installing your pool heater it is important to pay attention while setting-up. But leakage is never good with any form of heating so it’s not any different with solar pool heaters.
  • Cumbersome
  • Solar pool heaters have solar panels, which could take up valuable lawn space if you cannot install it on your roof. There are certainly some compact models as well, but they could be expensive. But, there are some models that are exclusively designed for in-ground or above ground pools, so just make sure you do your research before investing.

Overall, solar pool heaters is an enticing option to the environmentally conscious pool owner and for people who are looking for a budget friendly Solar Pool Heater solution to maximize their pool usage in the long run. Solar pool heaters are Eco-friendly and efficient. Although they need constant sunlight, they are certainly a good option to consider and solar pool heaters might just be the thing you’re looking for to extend your swimming season.

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