Best Solar Porch Light

solar power porch light
solar power porch light
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Are you interested in purchasing the best solar porch light? That’s great, because with the a solar powered lamp, you can illuminate your porch using solar power, thereby saving on energy and cost. I encourage you to acquire this energy-saving, Eco-friendly solar light that is affordable and reliable. Continue reading to learn why.

What is A Solar Porch Light?

A solar porch light is a light powered by sunlight that you can use in your porches or patios. Since the source of energy is the sun, you will save both money and energy. In short, it’s an inexpensive way to provide lights in your porch or in any area in your home.

Comparison Table for the Best Solar Porch Lights

Top 5 Best Solar Porch Lights

These solar outdoor lighting products are mostly available on Go over the solar lights’ general product specifications, and click on their individual links to know more.

Holan 12 LED Motion Sensor Solar Waterproof Wall Light

Receiving a commendable rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this solar motion light can serve as an ideal porch light because it provides super bright illumination than most solar lights in the same category. It can provide security measures as well. The 160 lumens ensure the full brightness of the solar porch lights. Its 12 LED solar lights are automated, being turned off during daytime and turned on at dusk.

They have motion sensors too that can turn the solar porch lights on when movement is detected from 10 to 26 feet away. The solar led lights are waterproof and can stay outdoors permanently. The ease of installing your outdoor solar lights is given a high mark for the reason that you can do it yourself by mounting the solar light on the wall of your porch. The price 1-pack motion sensor solar light is one of the least expensive.

Vivii Solar lights, 30 led Bright LED Security Lighting Outdoor Motion Sensor Lighting

This solar outdoor light is one of the Best Sellers in the category, Porch and Patio Lights,on Amazon. Its PIR motion sensors can detect movement from 10 feet to 15 feet away. This is the solar lighting’s security feature. Aside from being a security measure, its auto on and off will make it convenient for you because you don’t have to manually switch the solar porch light on and off.

It automatically turns on at night and turns off during the day. You can readily install it too, since it’s wireless and all mounting materials, such as screws and a hinge are provided with the solar light pack. Like most solar lights, it’s environmental friendly and is weatherproof. With the sturdy built-in battery, you can use this solar light for long years. Customers awarded this solar light an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The cost is competitive too.

62 LED Solar Light, Perfect day 62 LED Outdoor Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

This outdoor solar light features 3 flexible light modes, namely: dim light, strong light and strong long light. You can manipulate your modes based on the area you want to illuminate. This will ensure that the solar porch light will adequately provide all the brightness that you need. It’s also equipped with a motion sensor that turns on when motion is detected 10 to 26 feet away. This is its security feature. Brightness almost always scares burglars. These shady characters usually operate in darkness. So, they avoid brightly lit areas.

If the movement is caused by something else, and no further movements are detected, the solar porch lights will be turned off after 10 seconds. Besides these incredible features, this solar lighting is Eco-friendly, durable and weatherproof. It offers cheap prices at reasonable since this solar light is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Mpow Solar Lights 2-Pack 20LED Motion Sensor Light Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lighting

These 2-pack motion sensor lights with 20 ultra-bright solar lights can be used as a porch light, patio or garden light because of its three intelligent modes. These modes are: dim light, strong light and strong long light. You can install quickly any of these modes in the various areas in your home without worrying about complicated wires and materials. Using the strong light for the porch is recommended, so you could also be warned of burglars through the solar lights’ efficient and bigger motion sensors.

These solar outdoor lights are made of two sturdy layers that are sealed well to prevent their destruction from outside elements. Therefore, it’s heatproof and waterproof. Ranked #3 on the Best Seller’s list in outdoor lighting, this 2-pack motion sensor solar light is a favorite among consumers with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

16 LED Solar Lights, ZEEFO Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Solar Powered Night Light Motion Sensor Light, 1 pack

This solar light is best for small porches. You can always purchase additional lights if 1 pack is not sufficient. The good thing about this solar light is that it’s offered at cheap prices. The product details are almost the same as the other solar porch lights: it’s easy to install because it’s wireless; it’s waterproof, being rated IP64; has an automated motion and light sensors (within 10 feet).

On top of that, it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery making it best for porches, because you can use the solar lighting for long periods of time. This solar porch light has gained a remarkable rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What Should You Look For in A Solar Porch Light?

What Should You Look For in A Solar Porch Light
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These solar powered lights have the same source of energy – the sun. Hence, they don’t spend electricity to power them. However, you still have to select a solar light that is suitable for your own porch – not all porches are the same. Here are some features you can consider when choosing your solar light.

Type of Bulb

Through the reviews of customers, LED bulbs are more durable than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. They also last longer than the other types of solar porch lights.

Size of Lumen

The size of the solar light’s lumen is directly proportional to its brightness. If you want ultra-brightness, you can opt for solar porch lights that have increased lumens. The brightest solar lights have the greatest lumens.

Wattage Consumed

Keep in mind that the amount of wattage consumed indicates the amount of energy used. Therefore, if your wattage consumption is increased, so is the amount of energy used. I recommend that you buy a solar patio light that has smaller watts to make sure that you don’t waste more energy. Using more energy than what’s actually needed can shorten the duration of use of your solar lighting.

Durability and Safety

These are vital aspects that you should consider when buying a solar porch light. When your solar lights are not durable, your money goes down the drain because you cannot utilize the solar lights for long. It could be dangerous too when the solar powered outdoor lights break. This incident can cause injuries to persons nearby. You can determine the durability and safety of a solar porch light by perusing the customers’ reviews of the product. Also, you can browse the product specifications to learn what material is the solar light made of.

Length of Time of Light Use

When the solar light is fully charged, how many hours can you use the outdoor solar lights? Obviously, choosing the solar lighting with the longer time of use is your option. This way, you won’t be recharging your solar porch lights very often.

Quality of Solar Panels

The quality of the solar panels is critical in the performance of your solar patio light. An inefficient solar panel can spell failure of your solar outdoor lighting. Read the product details before purchasing. A solar panel that is made up of mono crystalline is the best choice. This is due to the fact that these solar panels are more durable, reliable, and efficient because they are made out of high quality silicon. In low light, monocrystalline solar panels were proven to have performed more reliably than polycrystalline solar panels.

Multi-purposes of Solar Lights

Are there any other uses of the solar lights you’re interested in, aside from lighting dark places? There should be. You have to get your money’s worth by the optimal use of your solar outdoor lights. Most solar porch lights serve as solar motion security lights as well. These solar lights are equipped with PIR motion sensors that can detect movement. Once movement is detected, the lights are automatically turned on, scaring would-be intruders. You may want to select a solar porch light with these significant uses.

Ease of Installation, Maintenance and Use

Since you’re, most probably, installing the solar porch light yourself, you may want to consider the ease of installation, maintenance and use of your solar light before purchasing one. Can you install the solar light yourself? Can you maintain and use it without any difficulty? If the answer is ‘yes’, and it has passed all the other criteria, then go ahead and buy it.

Design of Solar Lights

You may want to consider the design of the solar porch light, if you intend to use it as a decor too. It’s up to your preferences. Nonetheless, consider durability, safety and usefulness first before design.

Cost of Solar Porch Lights

There are a lot of affordable solar lights that you can purchase. You usually spend only when buying the solar outdoor lights, and that’s it. Unlike lights powered by electricity in which you pay expensive bills, you don’t spend much in supplying energy for your solar powered lights. They are cost-effective.

In extremely rare cases when light is low, and the solar light set contains batteries that can be charged using electricity; the electricity that will be consumed is still minimal.

To assist you further in acquiring the best solar porch light, I have put together the highly rated solar lights for you to choose from. Remember that what is best for another person may not be best for you, so select wisely according to your needs.

Tips in Using Solar Porch Lights

Tips in Using Solar Porch Lights
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For your solar porch lights to provide efficient illumination, you have to know some valuable tips on how to use them.

  • Since the solar lights are intended for your porch, you may want to select a design or color that matches the decors or architecture of your porch. You can create a visually attractive view for your visitors. Take note that solar lighting can also be decorative.
  • Purchase a solar porch light set that matches the size of your porch. This is to conserve energy, so you can use your solar lights longer. It would be impractical to use a 4-pack solar light set for a small porch and vice-versa.
  • You can clean the solar panel with soap and warm water using a clean, soft rag. Prevent scratching or niching the surface of the panel because this can deflect or reflect solar light, instead of amassing it.
  • After purchasing your solar porch lights, you have to charge them fully before the first use. This will ensure that the lights will work well afterwards, because their charging have started properly.
  • When your solar lighting doesn’t function: check the battery, it may need replacement; clean the solar panel’s surface, it might be dirty; check if any object is blocking the solar panel from direct sunlight. If these are all double-checked and the solar light still doesn’t work, then the product might be defective. You have to return the product within the time frame provided, or the solar lights may not be replaced anymore.


Deciding to purchase your solar porch light is a smart move. You can aptly provide illumination to your porch, while driving away burglars and intruders. You can save a lot on electricity cost too and stay secure within the perimeters of your home. Secure your home now and act on your plan today.

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